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Anywhere from zero to four. Zero=all walks to four=all singles

The answer is seven. Though it's highly unlikely it will ever occur, it's possible to get six hits in an inning without scoring a run. Here's how it's done. The bases are loaded on three hits, then two runners are put out on the basepaths somehow. The bases are reloaded on two more hits. The sixth batter must then hit a ball that strikes one of the runners before the fielder can make a play. Under the rules, he would get credit for a hit, but the runner would be out and the team would not score.

The answer of seven can't be right either. The reason is because if the sixth batter hit a base runner with a batted ball the inning would be over because of the third out. So six would have to be the most hits to get in a run 99.9 percent of the time. I guess there is no real guarantee.

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Q: How many hits must a team get in an inning to guarantee they will score at least one run?
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What does WHIP mean in a baseball box score?

Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched.

What is the Highest score by a team in a one day international innings?

South Africa chess a 438 against australia Australia hits a 434 in this inning

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What is the most hits by a major league team in one inning?

Cubs got 18 in an inning of a 1883 game but Reds got 16 in an inning of a 1989 game Box score of the Reds game:

What is most number of hits by a team with no runs scored in 9 innings?

i believe it is 27 because the most hits you can score in one inning without scoring is 3. 3 multiplied by 9 is 27 so 27

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How can you hit three triples and three singels in one inning and not score a run?

Batter 1 (B1) hits a triple and is thrown out at the plate. B2 does the same. B3 safetly hits a triple. B4 hits an infield single yet B3 is unable to score. B5 also hits an infield single but is unable to score. Bases loaded, 2 outs, 3 triples hit and 2 singles thus far. B6 hits a ground ball (or line drive) that strikes a baserunner. Baserunner is called out whereas batter is automatically credited with a single.

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What is the Most at bats in an inning?

3 at least one player has gotten 3 hits in an inning. i think most runs in an inning is 17, the last would be an out, so at most there could be 19 hits barring something weird, that's two for everone and three for the leadoff batter. somehow Chicago 1953 comes to mind but im drunk. pete rose is god

What does H mean in baseball box score?


If the batsmen hits the ball and it gets hits to the helmet then the 5 runs would be counted in the individual batsmen's score or in for the Team?

This score will be added tothe team only.

What does walk of grand slam mean?

It means that a player is up in the bottom of an inning, and hits a home-run with three men on base and the one man at the plate, then all four men score to win the game.

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MLB 9 inning game with the most hits?

According to, the team with the most hits in a single MLB game was Cleveland in 1932. They had 33 hits in an 18 inning game vs. Philadelphia. The most hits in a 9-inning game was in 1992 by Milwaukee against the Toronto Blue Jays, in which they had 31 hits and beat the Blue Jays 22-2.

Who are the players to have 3 hits in same inning?


How many hits and runs make an inning in baseball?

It doesnt matter how many hits or runs the team gets what matters when the team gets the 3 out is the end of the inning

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If there are 3 players on base and the batter hits a home run how many runs score?

It would score 4 (four) runs.

What is the most hits in a major league baseball game by one team without scoring a run?

Extra Inning Games: NL - 15 - Boston vs. Pittsburgh, July 10, 1911 in 12 innings - Final score 1-0 AL - 15 - Boston vs. Washington, July 3, 1913 in 15 innings - Final score 1-0 9 Inning Games: NL - New York vs. Chicago, September 14, 1913 - Final score 7-0 AL - Cleveland vs. Washington, July 10, 1928, 2nd game - Final score 9-0

With two outs batter reaches base on an error next batter clean hit next batter hits home run how many runs are earned and why?

None of the runs are earned. The batter who would have been the third out of the inning reached on an error, so any runs that score in that inning after the error was made are unearned.

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