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a Flute has 7 finger holes and the hole at the end of the flute.


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There are 4 holes a woodwind flute has.

there are 25 key and 8 holes on the flute. I play the flute myself and it is really hard

An Indian Flute called Bansuri has 6 holes

A wooden flute can contain from one hole, to many. It all depends on what you buy.

The flute does not have valves, it has keys. The kind of flute determines the number of keys or holes it may have. The regular western flute has 25 keys.

A Flute has holes so sound can come out. The air blows through the flute and when you close those holes they make notes, Ex: A Flat, C, B Flat,. Without the holes in the Flute, no sound would come out at all.

Hmm, not sure what you're asking. There are 15 keys which are pressed down by the fingers on a C-foot flute, and 16 on a B-foot flute. Most open-hole flutes have five open holes on them.

a regular flute has covered metal keys, and some have metal keys with holes in them. indian flutes are made of bamboo and have no keys, only holes

A french flute has holes on some of the keys. It is important when playing a french flute you can cover up the holes completely or the note you are trying to play will not come out correctly. A french flute is harder to play than a regular flute.

right in front of your face

there are about 12 buttons on the flute. but those are main buttons, there are also 6 sub-buttons :)znd there is 10000 holes too so you can blow them:) an eat the flute after cuz its made of chocolate.

The flute is a reedless wood instrument witch is played when you blow in a hole at the top. When you blow it creates vibrations witch produce a sound.The air that is blown in from the human mouth creates the musical sound when it passes through the many holes punched into them. By moving the fingers and covering/opening the holes in the flute, the musician can play the flute and create a musical note.

Holes on the flute are covered and uncovered to change the way air passes through the instrument.

by covering the holes and pronouncing the syllable too in the mouthpiece

a flute which is diatonically tuned has finger-holes

The Zen Budist Basha once stated that "a flute with no holes is not a flute....and a donut with no hole ia a danish"

the flute makes its sound when you blow and air rushes through and comes out of the holes in a rush making a sound.

You can wash any flute if you were expecting to change all the pads on the flute. Otherwise the water could change how the pads cover the holes on the flute. In other words the pads should cover the holes completely in order for the flute to blow properly. If your concern is for the flute to be clean enough for another person to use it, usually you would be concerned with cleaning the headjoint, particularly the lip plate that touches the lower lip when you play the flute. Hope this helps.

It's kind of flute with three holes only.

They don't have a specific name, just open holes.

On a typical flute, 'low' g requires the left hand thumb to close the hole at the back of the flute, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd fingers of the the left hand close all the upper holes just above it. This means that all the holes controlled by the left hand are closed. All the holes controlled by the right hand are open.

No one really knows who invented the flute.Theobald Boehm (Böhm)Boehm gets the most credit for improving the flute from a piece of wood with holes into the concert instrument it is today.

It will be really hard to make it SOUND like a flute. Actually, I don't think you can. BUT! You can make it look like a flute by putting holes in it! :)

None. Beginner flutes are all closed hole, as they are easier to make and therefore cheaper and more suitable for rookie's needs. There are sixteen holes that get covered by keys, if that's what you meant.

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