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The number of homes for sale varies, however you have three areas to look:

1) The Villages NEW homes ( shows 110

2) The Villages has their own resales, not associated with MLS (same website) and that has 478

3) The regular MLS (go to any realtor site and search The Villages. The site I uses doesn't show a total, but it's approx 250-300 I think.

So, mid-Sept 2007, somewhere around 850-900.

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Where in North Florida can I view a home completed by KB Homes?

In North Florida you can find homes made and completed by KB homes in Pine Ridge, Westland Oaks, Villages of Bartram springs, Deason's walk and many more.

How many miles is it from Tampa FL to The Villages FL?

the distance between Tampa Florida and the villages Florida

How many square miles is the community of The Villages in Florida?

The Villages in Florida covers 5.56 sq miles (14.4 km²).

How many miles from The Villages Florida and Tampa?

81 miles

How many miles from Kissimmee Florida to The Villages Florida?

It is 70.1 miles according to Google Maps.

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What are homes in Tequesta Florida made of?

Many homes in the Tequesta, Florida area are made of stucco. Some were made of brick. They often have clay tile roofs.

How many cities are in fl?

There are 283 cities in Florida (in addition to 108 towns and 19 villages).

According to Trulia which city has the most homes for sale in Florida?

According to Trulia, the city of Tampa has the most homes for sale in Florida. Trulia is a real estate website that allows users to browse homes that are for sale in many areas.

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What is the percentage of homes with pools in Florida?

In florida not as many homes hbae pools as someone would think. The state poll taken in 2010 estimated about 39% of all residential properties actually have inground pools.

Where can one find Kissimmee vacation homes?

There are many companies and websites that offer vacation homes for sale or rental in Kissimmee, Florida. A couple of these companies are Homes4uu and Kissimmee Vacation Homes.

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You don't have to have a real estate license to buyhomes, you have to have one to sell them if you are selling them for someone else (not homes you own).

What are some types of homes Largo sells?

A search on the internet did not result in a company, realtor, real estate agency or individual named Largo that sells homes. You may have been referring to Largo Florida, the city. Largo Florida has many homes for sale ranging from condominiums to single family homes. A discussion with a Largo Realtor in Florida would be a good place to start. You can find them in the Largo phone book.

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