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How many homophones are there?

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There are over 7,700 homophones in the English language, and people are still searching for more. When all the searching is done we estimate there will be somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 homophones.

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How many homophones relate to there?

The homophones for there are they're and their.

How many homophones are there in the English language?

about 8,000

Homophones for wait?

homophones for wait

What are all the homophones in the English language?

There are many homophones in English. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings. Examples of homophones in English: to, two, too; pear, pare, pair; I eye, aye; bear, bare; row, roe; dear, deer. see, sea.

What are homophones for ware?

Homophones for "ware" are "wear" and "where."

Are ear and year homonyms or homophones?


What is the homophones of walk?

Wok is the homophones of walk.

What are homophones for their?

There are two homophones for "their": there and they're.

What are some homophones for there?

Some homophones for there are their and they're.

What are two homophones for their?

"There" and "They're" are two homophones for their.

What is the homophones of hello?

there are no homophones of hello

What are all the homophones?

homophones are words that sound the same bout are spelt different. for example there,their, & they're, since there are words being added to the dictionary not many people know off of the top of their head what all of the homophones are.

Is there homophones for bizarre?

Yes bizarre and bazaar are homophones.

Are weather and whether homophones?

Yesi think it is homophones

What are the homophones for bite?

Byte and bight are homophones for bite.

What are the homophones opposite of yes and to understand?

The answer is no and know, which are homophones.

What are the homophones for their?

The homophones for their isthere as in over therethey're as in they're (or they are) happy

What is the synonyms antonyms or homophones of moan mown?


Is moan and mown synonyms antonyms or homophones?

They are homophones.

What are some homophones for romantic?

There are no common homophones that include synonyms for romantic. There are the homophones sweet (taste or personality) and suite, and the homophones beau (suitor) and bow (weapon or decoration).

How many homophones does the word soar have and what are they?

The homophone for soar is sore.

How many homophones are in Aggie was in a daze as it took her two days to clean the inn after the party?

There are two pairs of homophones in that sentence...In and InnDaze and Days

Are there homophones in the French language?

Yes. There are homophones in the French language.

What are homophones for hoard?

Homophones for hoard include horde and whored.

Are who's and whose homophones?

Yes, who's and whose are homophones.

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