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How many horse breeds are there?

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There are more than 400 horse breeds in the world, Like the mustang

(Which is a wild breed normaly) There are loads of breeds that I

could make a long list of...




Practically this is the reason, I love horses and ride them every

other weekend. Horses can have loads of different breeds because

remember, there are ponies and horses... Ponies are normaly used

for horse riding schools, They are very good at listening to there

leaders if you let them have you as a leader and they we think that

you are best pals with them, It`s a way for us to show the ponies

or horses that we love them in a way.

There are approximately 267 horse breeds in the world and there are

over 500 types of horse breeds.

While there are many different kinds, or breeds,

of horses, they can be divided into three main groups: heavy

horses, light horses, and ponies

Large Muscular horses are call heavy horses.

they are usually the biggest and the tallest of horses. Originally

bred in northern Europe during the Middle Ages, They were used for

carrying heavy loads and pulling ploughs to till feilds.The heavy

horses were also used for battle. Sometimes they wore armor just

like the nights who rode them.

Light Horses are skinnier looking than the

heavy breeds. They are bred for speed, agility, and stamina.

thorough most light horses are used for work such as pulling

carriages and ranching, some are used in races (thoroughbreds) and

Show cometitions

Ponies are often thought to be baby horses, but

they are actually breeds of horses that are much shorter - even

when fully grown.

There are about 267 breeds of horses, and several "types" of

horses, such as cobs, polo ponies, ect. They are similar to a

breed, but do not nessessarily have to be a certain breed, if that

makes any sense. Like, a polo pony does not have to be a welsh

pony. It could be a thoroghbred, or an Arabian, or any other


there are over all contries 24

Dance Tribute says:

Here are a few! Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Akhal-Teke, Azteca, Pony

of the Americas, Lippizan, Clydesdale, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse,

Morgan, Morab, National Show Horse, Saddlebred, Tennesee Walker,

Swedish Warmblood, Connemara, Welsh Pony, Shetland pony, American

Shetland, Dutch Warmblood, Kiger Mustang, Mustang, Paint, New

Forest Pony, Zaggerlan, Belgian, Percheron, Hanovarian, Holsteiner,

Selle Francais, National Spanish Horse, Paso Fino, Spanish mustang,

Nokaota Horse, Pryor Mountain mustang, Friesian, Minnesota Fox

Trotter, Standardbred, Palomino.

About 300, not exact. Some where from 300 to 350.

There are approximately 267 breeds of horses and ponies in the


Horses are bred with different purposes in mind. Some are bred

for pulling carts, working on a farm, pony clubs, showing, racing,


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