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Depends on whether it's a 305 or 350...

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Q: How many horsepower does a 1986 Chevy tuned port injected motor have?
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How do you get more horsepower out of a 3.1 Chevy motor?

Get it chipped and tuned by a rolling road

How can you get the most horsepower out of a Chevy 350?

cheep = have it tuned and timed expensive = rebuild it with a hp cam and port and polish the heads.

What can you do 2 add more horsepower to your tuned port 305?


Did 1992 caprice ex police car have the LT1?

No, it did not. It had a throttle body injected engine, 3 different engines available. The LT1 260 HP "Corvette" engine did not debut until '94, ran thru 'til '96. That was a Tuned Port Injected motor.

Where is iat sensor on 1989 firebird?

If it is a tuned port injected motor, it is under the plenum. The plenum is the big grey aluminum box with 8 funny looking pipes, called runners, connected to it.

How much hp does a h22a4 have?

195hp + you can get tuned this motor

How much horse power do superchargers add?

When a supercharger is correctly installed, setup and tuned on a dyno it can add over 150 horsepower to a V-8. It can add more with other modifications to the motor.

Can a Chevy 305 be tuned in to a 350 and if so what does it take?

no you idiot

How much horse power on a Pontiac grand prix SE 2003?

Depends on which motor you have. 3.1 liter: 175-185 horsepower 3.4 liter: 185-190 horsepower 3.8 liter (non-supercharged): 200-205 horsepower 3.8 liter (supercharged): 260 horsepower Most engines were tuned/detuned depending on models throughout GM's different vehicles. Although some slipped out with more horsepower.

How many cc is a 4 hp motor?

Depends on how it's tuned

How much horsepower could the N14 Cummins make?

525 from the factory. They can be tuned to well over 700.

What the difference between tbi-tpi 1992 camaro v-8?

Both are fuel injected, one is throttle body injected and the other is tuned port injection, the first one looks like a carburetor and the last one is internally injected.

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