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There have been over 4 billion Hot Wheels cars made since 1968. There are 2 hot Wheels cars sold every second of every day.

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How many hotwheels cars can you buy with 40?

40 hotwheel cars

What is hotwheels?

a company that sells diecast cars

What are hotwheels made of?

metal and plastic

Can you change a hotwheels color changing cars color twice?

No it's impossibru.

What was hotwheels made out of?

die cast metal

How many hotwheels are there?


When do they release new hotwheels cars?

3 months before the new year starts

What is the best collectible car company hotwheels or cars the movie?

It should be Hot Wheels

What is a hotwheels superbooster?

Spring loaded launcher for hot wheel cars in the 70's.

Christmas presents for boys?

Little Boys: HotWheels Cars Big Boys: Ripstick

Are cars weird?

Yes for some people. Hotwheels makes weird cars. They built the Deora 2 and the Twin Mill in real life which are weird cars.

What can hotwheels factory do?

make hotwheels

Where is a list of all HotWheel cars for 2008?

The list is on wikepidia, or on the official 2008 hotwheels guide book.

Do hotwheels get stolen sometime?

Hot Wheels cars are a popular item among thieves. Sometimes they do get stolen.

How many hotwheels are bought in NJ each day?

There are about 18,500,000 hotwheels car each day, and in the US 4,000,000,000!-Katie

Do matchbox cars or HotWheel cars from 1970s contain lead paint?

yes, pre 1974 matchbox cars contain lead paint mixture, hotwheels cars contain lead paint upto and including 1978.

What year did hotwheels come out?

Hotwheels were started to be manufactured in 1968

How many cars made Fiat?

1000 cars made fiat

Why were hotwheels invented?

Hotwheels were invented so that little kids can have fun.

How many cars are made each year?

Millions of cars are made each year.

How many cars are made in Berlin?

1.49 million cars

How much do hotwheels cost?

Hotwheels cost from 99p to £1.10 according to the shop you buy them in.

Are there any Hotwheels type of games on the 360 marketplace?

hotwheels worlds best driver

Which company makes the best toy cars for kids?

For someone who has all boys. The Company who makes the best toy cars in my opinion has got to be Hotwheels by Mattel. Their inexpensive and are very durable.

Where to download free hotwheels game?

Go on the hotwheels homepage, then click games and there are the free games.

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