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Q: How many hours does a pediatric nurse usually work a week?
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How many hours does a pediatric surgeon usually work a week?

they usually work about 50 hours a week

How many year does it take to become a Pediatric Nurse?


How many hours is a typical workday for a pediatric oncology nurse?

Hospital-based nurses, such as those in ped onc, typically work 8-12 hours per shift.

How many classes does a pediatric nurse have to take?

Four years to become a BS/RN and an additional year for the pediatric specialty.

How many hours do Pediatric Oncologist work a week?

21 hours

How many math courses do you have to take to become a pediatric nurse?

A Hell of a lot!

Where can one find job listings for a pediatric nurse practitioner?

If someone were looking for a job as a pediatric nurse practitioner, they could look on many sites online. These online sites include Indeed and Snag-A-Job.

What is a typical workplace environment for a pediatric nurse?

the envrioment is filled with many kids and doctors

How many hours does a nurse works?

A nurse usually works in shifts of 12 hours at a time. They are usually on for three days, off for four days or on for four days, off for three days. They can work anywhere from 36 hours to 50 or more. There is a huge possibility of overtime in this position.

How many hours does a pediatric oncologist work?

I was wondering how many hours in one week a radiology oncologist works?

How many years of college does it take to be a pediatric nurse practitioner?

A pediatric nurse practitioner has a BS in Nursing, which takes four years, and an MS in nursing, which typically takes two to three years. Some NPs also have a Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

How many years of college do you need to become a pediatric nurse?

to become a pediatrician you have to have 11 to 12 years of college.

How many hours in a row can a nurse work in the state of Florida?

In the state of Florida, there is no mandate as to how many hours a nurse can work in a row. Legislation was introduced in 2006 to limit the number of hours that a nurse can work in a row but it did not pass.

How many years you have to be in college to be a nurse pediatric?

you can be an LPN (1-1.5yrs) RN (2yrs) BSN (4yrs) CRNP (2-3yrs after bsn). So I guess you have to be more specific in what kind of pediatric nursing you want to do? inpatient, outpatient, peds clin spec, peds floor nurse, school nurse, peds practitioner, etc.

How many hours does nurse work?

it depends on which hospital you work at and what type of nurse you are

How many hours does a nurse work a week?

a nurse works anywhere between 8 to 10 hours a day74 hours

How much a pediatric get paid?

A pediatric doctor is one who sees children, usually up until the age of 18. There are many different pediatric specialists that are paid different rates depending on their area of expertise. How much a pediatric doctor makes is also based on the area of the country that they work in.

How many hours does a licensed practical nurse work?

8 hours a day generally

How many hours does a RN nurse work?

Just depends sometimes Maby 10-12 hours

How many hours a day does a nurse practitioner work?

I have no Idea? You tell me..

How many hours does a nurse assistant work?

It depends on the contract agreed.

Characteristics of nurse?

There are many characteristics of a nurse. Nurses are generally said to be very caring individuals that usually love people.

How many puppies is a mother dog able to nurse?

Usually ten.

How many years does a pediatric doctor work before retiring?

A pediatric doctor usually works around 45 years before retiring. Some doctors retire earlier than others. It is a matter of personal choice.

How many pediatric jobs are there in Arkansas?