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It depends on the job, the hospital and whether the nurse wants overtime, but most nurses in hospitals work 12-hour shifts, two days on, two days off, for about 40-48 hours a week.

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Q: How many hours does a registered nurse work?
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How many hours does a registered nurse work a day?

it can sometimes be up 26 hrs.

Typical hours of works for registered nurse?

Depends on where you work

What are the drawbacks of Registered Nurse?

The hours they work. They normally work 12 hour shifts.

How many hours do you work a day for a registered nurse?

It depends on the type of job that you have. If you work as a contract nurse you can work per visit or do shift work. As an RN regular shift work is generally 8, 10, or 12 hour shifts

What are the disadvantages of being a registered nurse?

Hard WorkLong HoursHeartbreakExposure to disease

How many hours does nurse work?

it depends on which hospital you work at and what type of nurse you are

Can you become a nurse online?

You cannot complete a registered nursing program online. There are many hours of supervised clinical work within a hospital.

What kinds of work does a registered nurse have to do?

Admissions paperwork and care plans are just some of the many kinds of paperwork that a registered nurse must complete.

How many hours in a row can a nurse work in the state of Florida?

In the state of Florida, there is no mandate as to how many hours a nurse can work in a row. Legislation was introduced in 2006 to limit the number of hours that a nurse can work in a row but it did not pass.

What are the hours like for a registered nurse?

ANSWER The hours that are usually held by a registered nurse will depend on which department and which industry they have decided to work for. The typical shifts can range from 8 hours, then to 10 hours, and in some cases up to 12 hours. They often work one week where it is 4 days followed by 3 off, and then 5 on followed by two off for example.

How many hours do you have to work as a registered nurse?

I work 36 hours a week,full time.But I have friens who work 30 hours a week, also full time benefits. I also have colleagues who work 42 hours a week and then have the summer off(seasonal position. It is so variable w/ so many options.

What type of work Pediatric Registered Nurse do?

That's a children's nurse.

How many hours does a nurse work a week?

a nurse works anywhere between 8 to 10 hours a day74 hours

What does a registered nurse wear during work?


What kind of places can a registered nurse work in?


Find a fully online nursing program?

You will not find a fully online program for a registered nurse. There are many hours of supervised clinical work - typically on hospital floors - required.

How many hours does a licensed practical nurse work?

8 hours a day generally

Do you have to be a registered nurse to be a church nurse?

This will often depend upon the Nursing authority or Board of Nursing in your area but as a whole - registered nurses are allowed to work on their own depending upon the duties preformed whereas LPN/LVN's are required to work under a doctor, a registered nurse, or an advanced practice nurse.

What is the difference between a registered nurse and a pediatric nurse?

A registered nurse is the basic level attained after graduating from a certified Associates or Bachelors nursing program. This means that the registered nurse has not yet specified if he or she would like to enter a specialized field in nursing. A pediatric nurse is a registered nurse trained in the care of newborns and children. It is a specialized field that a registered nurse must first train on before he or she is able to work in that specific area.

Registered nurse who do they work with?

Patients and others in the medical profession.

What kind of working environment does a nurse have?

What kind of wowrking enviorment would a registered nurse work in?

How many hours a day does a nurse practitioner work?

I have no Idea? You tell me..

How many hours does a nurse assistant work?

It depends on the contract agreed.

What type paperwork does a registered nurse have?

Answer Registered Nurses have tons of paper work to do. My suggestion to you would be to go to a seminar for a Nursing School and see just exactly what is required from a Registered Nurse and take it from there.

What can I earn as a registered nurse?

Registered nurses salary can differ depending on what location you work at and how long you have been employed. The typical rate for a registered nurse is about $40 per hour or about 90,000$ a year.