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How many hours does it take the average woman to deliver her baby?


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The deliver of a baby varies from woman to woman.


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No as a woman has to recover from a baby. This is not life threatening.

normally it only takes hours.

The role of a midwife is to help a healthy women who is pregnant to deliver her baby. A woman can chose if she would like a doctor or if she would like a midwife to deliver her baby.

A doctor will charge various amounts to deliver a baby. This can depend on if the birth is vaginal, or by C-section. The average range is from $15,000 to over $40,000.

Midwives are the women that help a woman through labor(childbirth)They help the mom deliver the baby safely.

Did you just deliver a baby?? After a woman has a baby, when the nipples are stimulated oxytocin is released which is a hormone that contracts smooth muscle, which causes the cramps.

Veterinarians deliver baby animals, if the mother cannot deliver on her own.

A pregnant woman can be in labor from a hour or two to a couple days before the baby is born. It differs from woman to woman.

deliver has various meanings in arabic he delivered the massege = sal'lam =سلم الرسالة the woman delivered a baby = waladat =ولدت طفلا she delivered a lecture = hadarat = حاضرت محاضرة it depends on the context which context do you mean

Every woman has vaginal discharge. It is mroe noticeable when pregnant. Yes you can have a normal healthy baby when having vaginal discharge.

well at least a week ahead of the due date since you need time to induce labor for the woman

pregant means that a woman had sex wth the opposite sex and his sperm went into her and made a baby making her pregant and now she has 2 get her dingding cut open in order 4 her 2 deliver(get the baby out). Pregnant means that a woman and man have conceived a baby (made a baby) and now the woman will give that child love and health in her tummy so the baby can come out in 9 months.

Here are some sentences.Deliver that letter quickly.The doctor will deliver the baby.

You don't pay money to deliver a baby. You may pay to have the baby in a hospital though. The cost varies.

Terminology is important here! The only person who can "deliver" a baby is the mother! Midwives (or physicians) simply catch!

There is no magic to this. The baby you have carried all this time got his DNA from the beginning and it's based on you and the father's complexion and also your parents and the other relatives. By now you should just be happy you get a healthy baby.

About 1 new baby per 10 hours on average.

In the 19th century husbands were not allowed to present at the birth of their children,so a woman who delivered the baby would wait upstairs ,outside the door on the landing,when the wife was ready to have the baby the woman would come in and deliver the child..hence the name Midwife.

The woman has to choose delay cancer treatment and deliver the baby or stop the pregnancy and receive cancer treatment. It's a difficult choice. Sorry -joymaker rn

Yes, there is pain involved when you deliver a baby. Some people may experience more or less pain than others.

Well, labor usually lasts from about an hour to 48 hours. But sometimes the mother may get tired of it and have a cesarean section. After 48 hours normally doctors will deliver your baby through cesarean section. I have no idea how long the longest one was but I think that it would hurt to be in labor more then 2 days.

YES she can. If the mother doesn't have any signs or symptoms of a break out at the time she is due to deliver then she can deliver naturally with very low risk of passing herpes to the baby. Also doctors usually prescribe antiviral medication to help suppress break outs. If the mother does get a break out then she should have a c-section to eliminate the risk of passing herpes on.

Well you should have your period before you have your baby .So the baby can be good when you deliver.

It can be safe to use artificial pain killers to deliver a baby. These medications can be potentially harmful to some and fine for others.

As a female and like all the mammifers, woman have to feed her progeniture. The presence of a breast allows the female human to make milk and to deliver this food to her baby.

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