How many hours does it take to get from Korea to Paris by plane?

The answer to this question rests primarily on three factors: Which airport in Korea you depart from, what airline you fly, and whether or not you take a direct flight. A direct flight on Air France from ICN in Seoul is between 11 and 12 hours. However, from GMP, there are no direct flights, so you will be forced to take a longer flight with stopovers, if utilizing that airport. If you have to change planes, your trip will probably be between 23-29 hours, depending on which airline you fly, how long your layover is between flights, and whether or not you have to transfer from one airport to another in order to catch your connecting flight to Paris. If you do not take a direct flight, most plane switches take place in Japan. So, expect to fly from Korea to Japan and then to Paris from Japan. A couple of airlines make there switchovers in Russia or Dubai.