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1 hour is the usual flight time between Auckland and Wellington

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Flying from Aberdeen, Scotland --> Auckland, New Zealand would take about 23 hours.

The distance by road between central Auckland and central Wellington is around 650 kilometres (400 miles). It should take you around 9.5 hours in good traffic.

The flight time from Auckland, New Zealand to China is about 13 hours, 21 minutes.

The flight time from Wellington, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia is about 2 hours, 46 minutes.

The flying time is 3 hours 12 minutes average passenger airliner Melbourne, Australia to Wellington NZ

The flight time from Vancouver, Canada to Wellington, New Zealand is about 14 hours, 34 minutes.

New Caledonia is located approximately 2.5 hours flying time from Auckland.

The flight time from Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport to Wellington, New Zealand is about 2 hours, 46 minutes.

8 hours and 10 minutes via Air New Zealand Nonstop.

A typical flight between Dallas, TX and Auckland, New Zealand would have a flying time of about 14 hours, 53 minutes.

The drive from Auckland to Wellington is about 9 hours. The ferry trip across Cook Strait from Wellington to Picton is 3.5 hours plus a 1 hour check in time when travelling with a vehicle. The drive from Picton to Dunedin is about 9 hours. The total time would be at least 22.5 hours plus breaks.

A typical flight between Auckland, New Zealand and Florida would have a flying time of about 16 hours, 5 minutes.

Driving -- allow about 8-9 hours, flying is not too expensive and takes about an hour, or there's also a train that runs daily (takes about 12 hours)

From Frankfurt, Germany to Auckland, New Zealand is 26 hours flying time but depending on stopover times can be longer.

A typical flight between LAX and Wellington, New Zealand would have a flying time of about 13 hours, 23 minutes

Auckland to Wellington takes about 12 hours by train. The Tranz Scenic train, The Overlander, leaves Auckland at 7.25 am and arrives in Wellington at 7.25 pm the same day. The fare in 2011 is NZ$131.

Auckland (AKL) to London (LON)Shortest Flight Duration 24 hours 15 mins

Auckland (AKL) to Dubai (DXB) with one or two stops takes between 20 and 26 hours.

The flight time from Auckland, New Zealand, to Santiago, Chile, is 12.5 hours. Auckland is 16 hours ahead of Santiago. Auckland is in the New Zealand time zone while Santiago is in the Chile time zone.

We flew from Vancouver to Auckland and it took us approximately 12 -13 hours (yours would be a little further). I believe you would have to change flights in Auckland to fly down to Wellington. We took a senic train from Auckland to Wellington and it was very nice - it was about 8 hours though. But you got to see so much more than flying. If this is your first trip you really need to take a trip to the south island - picture postcard beautiful!

From Paris (France) to Auckland (New Zealand), the shortest duration flight is 25 hours and 55 minutes, if flying with Cathay Pacific with a stop in Hong Kong (China). From Auckland (New Zealand) to New York City (USA), the shortes duration flight is 25 hours and 35 minutes, if flying with United Airlines with a stop in Los Angeles (USA).

For direct flights, about 7 hours flying time.

For direct flights, about 3.5 hours flying time.

Wellington, New Zealand is GMT +12 hours. Perth, Western Australia is GMT +8 hours. Wellington is 4 hours ahead of Perth.

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