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you will spend 11 years in college to become a pediatrician.

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Q: How many hours must you attend school to be a pediatrician?
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How many hours do kids attend school in France?

We attend school for seven hours and 45 minuetes.

In Guyana how many hours a day do the kids attend school?

7 hours a day

How many hours a day do children go to school in India?

Children attend school for about 6-7 hours.

Where can you go to get the education that is required to become a pediatrician?

You can attend just about any college, then attend any medical school. Once you graduate medical school you have to complete a residency program at a hospital and there are many programs to choose from.

How many hours does a pediatrician work?

however many hours they need to.

How many hours do American children attend school a year?

1440 in virginia

How many hours does a pediatrician work in a week?

Nearly 50 - 70 hours.

How many credit hours does it take to get a bachlors degree for a pediatrician?

It takes the same 120 credit hours to get a BA or BS for a pediatrician as it does anyone else.

How many hours does a pediatrician work a day?

They have to work about 11-13 hours a day

How many hours do Irish kids go to school?

from ages 4 to 12 Irish kids attend school for 5 hours 40 minutes a day for 184 days a year from ages 12 to 18 they attend school for 6 hours 40 minutes a day for 165 days a year.

How many hours does a pediatrician work per week?

WELL IT DEPENDS .PEDIATRICIAN sometimes works between 45 to 50 hrs a week . My dad is a pediatrician and he works about that much.

How many hours do you have to put in as a pediatrician?

I dont really know but i think you have to put at lest 40 hours

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