How many hours of light is required for long and short day lighting?

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  • The amount of lighting varies by plant type. However, a general rule would be more than 12 hours of darkness for short-day plants, less than 12 hours of darkness for long-day.
while the above answer may work as a rule of thumb it is far from accurate. the term long-day or short-day is not a specific number of hours even if you are looking at the same plant variety or even the same plant itself. the term is relative. a shift to longer nights (resulting in shorter days) which happens in winter will signal to a short-day plant to bloom and the other way round for long-day plants. note i pointed out the lengthing or shortning of the dark period relative to the light period as the signal. zaf.
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How many light years in a day?

A light year is a measure of distance, not time. A light year is the distance light travels in one year. In one day light travels 16,081,407,123 miles.

Why is there 12 hours of day-light?

There usually isn't. The amount of sunlight varies from place to place and season to season. The average is half and half.. It is hard to explain, but the whole concept of time is a man made concept. He looks at nature and related it to what he saw. The Earth goes through a cycle of time, a revolut ( Full Answer )

How many days are in a light year?

The two units are not convertible. Day is a unit of time. A light-year isn't a measure of time, it's a measure of distance. It's equal to the distance that light travels in one year. Light takes time to travel from one location to another. When you turn on a flashlight and shine it at an object, ( Full Answer )

How many days of light in Finland?

\n365 days a year (every day). Except in Lapland (northern finland) where there is no sunlight a few weeks a year.

How many hours of sun light are there in a short day?

The answer depends upon how far north (or south) you are. During the winter solstice at the north pole (or anywhere above the arctic circle), there is no sunlight whatsoever. The further south you go, the longer the sun peeps up above the southern horizon at noon.

How many days does the earth have light?

the earth has light every day except in Alaska it has 205 days every year now if you talkin about how many days the earth has light left we in all facts we have about 100 million years left

How long is 123.23 light years in days?

The 'light year' is the distance that light travels in a year's time.. Since it's a unit of distance and not a unit of time, it can't be converted into a number of days, any more than you can tell me how many inches old you are.

How long is 2.4 light hours?

Light hours are not a unit of time, they are a unit of distance. 2.4 light hours is how much distance light can travel in 2.4 hours. As the velocity of light is 300 billion meters a second, it's about 2.6 billion km.

How many hours of sun light does Alaska get?

it just depends on where you live and the season. in the intior of Alaska in the winter, around Xmas, there is only a couple of hours. in the summer it is almost always sunny

Where is it day light and cold 24 Hour a day?

On Earth, it's daylight and cold all day for part of the year near the North and South poles.Just inside the Arctic circle it's daylight all day for a week or two, but it isn't usually cold.

How many hours of sun light does earth get?

For any specific place on Earth, it depends on the season and latitude. Locations on the equator receive 12 hours of daylight per day, consistently. The poles on the other hand have weeks with no sunlight at all (in winter) and weeks with no night (in summer).

When does Antarctica get 24 hours of day light?

Antarctica starts to gets 24 hours of daylight between the Vernal equinox and the Autumn equinox. The days gradually lengthen until summertime. However, this does not mean continuous sunlight. That only happens during the southern hemisphere summer months when, for a period of time, the sun never ac ( Full Answer )

How long is day light on the moon?

If you stood at one spot on the moon, you would see the sun up for 14.8 days , and down for the next 14.8 days. (However, even with the sun up in your sky, you would still see the stars.) Another interesting thing to think about: If you stood anywhere on about 1/2 of the moon's surface, t ( Full Answer )

How many day light hours does Pluto have?

A full rotation of Pluto takes 6 Earth days, 9 hours, and some minutes; so the day part should be about half that amount (3 days and 5 hours), at least on average. Pluto has a very large tilt of its axis, similar to Uranus. So the details of when it's daylight on Pluto are complicated and depend o ( Full Answer )

How many hours of day light occur in New England on the summer solstice?

Like many other things, that will depend on your precise location; the number of daylight hours in Presque Isle, Maine will be longer than the number of daylight hours in Newport, Rhode Island. Here is the sunrise/sunset data for Presque Isle, ME on June 21, 2010: Sunrise 4:38 a.m. Sunset 8: ( Full Answer )

How many hours is a light year?

This is an impossible conversion to make. A hour is a unit of time.A light year is a unit of distance, specifically, it is thedistance light travels in a year.

How many hours of day light in Russia?

On average throughout the year, 12. But it varies GREATLY with the date and with the location. The time of sunrise and sunset is very dependent on the date and exact location. A difference of 15 miles can change the time of sunrise or sunset by a minute. Please re-post your question with a city name ( Full Answer )

How many hours of day light do the US get in a day?

this depends where in the united states you are and when you are in the united states; by when i mean what month. This depends on where the sun is compared to your locations as for the autumnal and spring equinox it is 12 hours. (equal = equinox) and for the winter and summer solstice it is either a ( Full Answer )

Why do hours of day light change?

you tell me. OK. Day light hours change due to the changes in the eccentricity and inclination of the Earth's orbit. We good?

How many hours of day light does North Pole receive June 21?

At the north pole, the longest day of the year is six months long. The sun is up continuously, in the sky, above the horizon, and does not set for 6 months. And June 21 is the day right in the middle of that period.

How long is 13 light hours?

Light-hours is a measure of distance, not time. It is the distance light travels in a vacuum in one hour's time. In this case, 13 light-hours equates to 8,718,016,181 miles.

How many km is in a light hour?

A light year is around 10 trillion km. A light second is 300,000 km A hour has 3600 seconds The answer is 1,080,000,000 km Something you might want to know is the distance from the sun to the Earth is around 8 light minutes.

How many hours of sun light does the tundra get a day?

Now, as for sunlight, that depends on latitude. The higher thelatitude, the further north and south, the longer the day insummer, and the shorter the night. Above the arctic and antarcticcircles, the sun does not set for at least 1 night in summer anddoes not rise for at least 1 day in winter. As yo ( Full Answer )

How many hours is it light for in Antarctica?

At both poles, beyond about 66 degrees, the geography experiencesat least one 24-hour period of no sunrise/ sunset per year. Depending on where you are on the continent, this period can be upto six months. When the sun comes up, it stays up 24/7, until it sets.

How many hours of light does Vancouver get per day?

Not all days has the same sunlight. Canada's more densely populated areas get approximately2,000 hours of bright sunshine annually. If you visit here, youcould use the chart. Vancouver, Canada - Sunrise, sunset, moontimes for today