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none. malaria, which is what they carry, is the killer


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Mosquito spray includes repellants and poisons to kill the mosquito. The chemicals are highly toxic for the insect but not so toxic for humans.

Apple cider vinegar is often used to kill mosquito larvae. While it is not as effective as bleach, it is harmless for humans and pets.

You will need a little more than 9 volts to kill a mosquito. It is recommended that you use about 2850 mAh of current to kill a mosquito.

Mosquito repellent does not kill humans when used correctly. Always read the directions prior to use of any form of repellent.

The bite of an infected mosquito is very dangerous to humans. Mosquitoes transfer many deadly diseases to humans when they bite.

Mosquito repellent can be harmful to humans in large amounts. You should not attempt to ingest mosquito repellent because it can be detrimental to health.

the mosquito can kill a tarantula because the mosquito can fly giving it an advande

Mosquitoes go from person to person and if one of the victims has a killing disease and the mosquito drinks it and move onto another person it spreads the disease

Well I kill the Mosquito beacuse it stings me a it hurts!! It leaves a bump!

how can chili kill the mosquito

The best way to kill a mosquito is to either kill it with a fly swatter, use a bug light zapper, or flypaper.

A mosquito bite can infect you with a disease that they can carry. The disease could kill you. Its like - the snake bite doesnt kill you, its the poison.

Malaria is a disease transferred to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.

There many ways to kill mosquitoesbut source destruct is the most easiest way

No. A mosquito drinks blood from humans and animals ONLY.

yes citric acid can kill only mosquito larva,pupa,and the egg

No, not all repellents kill mosquitoes, but if you need a repellent I say use Rade.

The most dangerous animal in the US is ourselves: humans. We are a threat to our own existence. Humans kill more humans than any mosquito, bear, bovine or bison anywhere.

All sea snakes are venomous and can kill humans.

you get a fly swatter and KILL it

AS MANY TIMES AS you let it before you kill it, they feed off your blood.

Only one bite could kill, the mosquito is responsible for millions of deaths due to the female mosquito biting and causing deadly disease's.But disease's aside, it would take 1.2 million mosquito bites to completly drain all the blood out of your body.

preditor-prey the mosquito feeds off the humans blood

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