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How many hydrogen atoms are in salt?


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Common table salt is Sodium Chloride ( NaCl ) and has no hydrogen atoms.

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I know that table salt has no hydrogen atoms; NaCl2

None. Pure table salt is NaCl. It contains only sodium (Na) and clorine (Cl) atoms.

To answer your question on how many hydrogen atoms are there in caffeine, the scientific answer would be 10 atoms of hydrogen.

Hydrogen peroxide has two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen

There are 4 Hydrogen atoms.

There are 8 hydrogen atoms.

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There are two hydrogen atoms in a hydrogen molecule.

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There are 4 atoms of hydrogen in 2H2O.

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Salt water consists of atoms of Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sodium and Chlorine.

if the salt contains a ionize able hydrogen atom the this salt will b termed as an acidic salt..... as acid contains ionize able hydrogen atoms.... examples are.. NAHSO4

One molecule of hydrogen gas contains two hydrogen atoms.

There are two atoms of Hydrogen in the molecule.

None. Hydrogen is an element. It contains only hydrogen atoms.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) contains two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen for a total of four atoms.

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