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Q: How many ice cream cones are made a day?
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It cost Teresa 45 to buy ten family of hers ice cream cones Another day she spent 270 on ice cream cones How many cones did she buy that day?


An ice cream vendor made a table showing the relationship between the daily high temperature and the number of ice cream cones sold per day. What is the dependent quantity in this relationship?

The number of ice-cream cones sold per day.

How many ice cream cones sold in a day?

Over than a million in the world

How many ice cream cones are sold a day at Dairy Queen?

1 million

How many ice cream cones can one eat in a day?

As much as one wants and can afford..? ._.

At a store ice cream cones cost 1.80 and sundaes cost 3.30 One day the receipts for a total of 148 cones and sundaes were 360.90 How many cones were sold How many sundaes?

85 and 63

Is an ice cream is an soloution yes or no why?

Ice cream is the solution to many problems. It can make you forget your emotional drama of the day. A couple of ice cream cones can solve problems you might have making friends, since you can share the ice cream.

How many cones were sold per day if y cones were sold in a period of x days?

y * x = Number of cones sold

What day was ice cream made?

Ice cream was made Jul 3,1770! your welcome!

What day of the year was this website made?

on a ice cream day

What day of the year was made?

well has been around for about 10 years and the day was made on ice cream day

What is the functions of your eye cones?

The cones in your eyes are responsible for bright lights, and work most in the day. The cones are concentrated in the fovea.

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