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Q: How many illegal immigrants came to Australia in 2009?
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Why are some immigrants illegal?

Because they came here illegally.

Immigrants in 1960 who came to Australia?

maybe indians?

How many immigrants came to Australia in 2010?


Where did the first immigrants to Australia come from?

The first immigrants to Australia came from England. They were the convicts, officers and marines, along with the officers' wives and children.

What was the date that the first immigrants came to Australia?

The first official settlers or "immigrants" to Australia arrive in Sydney Cove on 26 January 1788.

What did immigrants have to do to be allowed into America?

some came from Canada and other countries and it was illegal

Why did pizza come to Australia?

because when the Italian immigrants came to Australia they also brought their culture.

Where were the Australian migrants from?

Australian migrants came from many differrent parts of the world. There were the British immigrants, the Chinese immigrants and the Greek/Italian immigrants. The British immigrants came to Australia for the growth of Australia's population growth and economy growth. But when Australia realised that they didn't have the numbers they wanted they opened it up to other European countries and Asian countries.

Why are immigrants illegal?

Immigrants are only considered "illegal" in the United States if they unlawfully came into the country. Other countries do not consider people to be illegal under any circumstance, and the UK has even banned the term "illegal immigrant" to be used in public speeches or news outlets.

How many immigrants came to Australia for the gold rush?

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants came to Australia for the goldrushes in the mid 1800s. At the beginning of the goldrush, in 1851, Australia's population was about 430,000. Twenty years later, in 1871, the population had trebled to 1.7 million. This was an increase of 1.27 million.

What country is responsible for the colonization of Australia?

Australia was colonised by the British. In the years following colonisation, immigrants came from other parts of the world.

Who are native australian?

Aborigines are the people who were native to Australia, before the immigrants came from Europe, mainly England.

What did immigrants do when they came to Australia?

Work and all the things normal people would do like finding a job.

How many immigrants from each continent came to the US?

Europe - about 45,000,000 immigrants other North American countries - about 14,500,000 immigrants South America - about 2,000,000 immigrants Africa - about 500,000 immigrants (not including slaves that were forced to come) Asia - about 8,000,000 immigrants Australia - about 300,000 immigrants

What problems did immigrants face when they came to Australia?

Immigrants faced the hardships of trying to live off the land when they first arrived in Australia. None of them had any experience with agriculture, and starvation was a major problem. Farmers, carpenters, and skilled laborers didn't want to migrate to Australia, and the immigrants were not prepared for the harsh conditions.

Who came to Australia in the 1950s?

Italian immigrants went to Austalia in the 1950s. There is a one hour screening of 10 short films telling the experience of Italian immigrants who went to Australia in the 50s. The project is called " The Voice of People".

Where did Canada's immigrants came from?

The immigrants in Canada came from China, while others came from Ireland and France.

Where were the immigrants that came from Angel Island from?

they were Chinese immigrants or Japanese immigrants

How many German immigrants came to America?

about 100,000 German immigrants came to America

What are a few of the immigrants who came to the US?

probably Germany, England, France as well as Africa and Australia... melting pot.... everyone's there ;-)

Before 1802 most immigrants came from?

Before 1802 most immigrants came from? and after 1802 most came from where?

What are three differences are there between Australia and Ireland?

The climate in Australia is vastly different from that in Ireland. Ireland is an island Australia is a continent. The majority of Australia's population is descended from immigrants that came here during the last 100 years.

When was pizza first introduced in Australia?

The first pizza in Australia came from recipes that came with the Italian immigrants from the early 1920s. The first pizza shops are believed to have opened after WWII. More details can be found in the link below.

Where were the immigrants that came to Australia from?

Australia has had immigrants from all over the world. The original white settlers were from Great Britain, but since the early colonial years, large numbers of Germans, Chinese, Americans, English, Greeks, Italians, Vietnamese and people from scores of other countries have immigrated to Australia.

Why is the dream act bad?

People opposed to the Dream Act believe that it is bad because it incentivizes illegal activity. The Act gives legal status to illegal immigrants who came to the US as children.