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There have been many immigrants who came to America from the Caribbean over the years. There have been over 3.5 million immigrants who came from the Caribbean.

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How many German immigrants came to America?

about 100,000 German immigrants came to America

How many Irish came to America?

There were 18,000 Irish immigrants that came to America.

Why did so many immigrants come to America?

ImmigrantsWhy did so many immigrants come to America?Answer: Immigrants came for freedoms that America has to offer and because America was a land of opportunity.

How many immigrants came to America between 1840-1860?

How many immigrants came to ameracia between 1840 and 1860

What countries did immigrants come from?

If you mean immigrants traveling to the US, then the answer is many places. Some places they came from were Italy, Sweden, other European countries, Asia, and in the present day Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. Those are only a few of the many places they came from.

Why is there such great variety of ethnic groups on the Caribbean islands?

Because so many people came to the Caribbean as colonists, slaves, or immigrants.

Many of the immigrants who came to America settled where?

the Dakota badlands

When did the immigrant come to US?

It is impossible to say when the first immigrants came to America. Immigrants have been coming to America for thousands of years. The Pilgrim fathers were immigrants. The people that came with Columbus were immigrants. Many other people had come to America long before Columbus and they were immigrants. The first people on the American continent were immigrants.

How many immigrants came to America 1901-1910?


How many Mexican immigrants came to the US during the late 1800?

about 15 million immigrants came to America during the 1800's.

How many Irish immigrants came to America on one boat?

645. My grandpapi came on one.

Why did immigrants came to America?

Immigrants came to America mostly for economic reasons, religious rights, or to escape war, famine, or unrest in their homelands.Immigrants came to America, because there were more jobs in demand for unskilled workers.Immigrants came from many countries to escape famine, such as the Irish, religious and political persecution, and wars in their home countries. Many just wanted a chance for a better life and the "American Dream."

How many immigrants came to America between 1880 and 1920?

10 million

How many immigrants came to America during 1840s and 1850s?

four million

How many Italian immigrants came to America 1840-1924?


How many immigrants came uinto the US from Latin America?

over 9000

How many immigrants came to America from Germany?

over 5 million Germans today have immigrated to America.

How many immigrants came into the US from Latin America in 1970?

How many immigants into the united states from latin America in 1970

How many new immigrants came to America between 1880-1910?


How many immigrants came to America between 1901-1910?

8.8 million

Why did the Japanese immigrants come to America?

The Japanese came to America for many reasons, but most were seeking opportunity for a better life, just like most immigrants from other nations.

Why did french immigrants come to America?

Many came as a result of the massacre on St. Bartholemew's Day.

What did many immigrants hope to find when they came to America?

Freedom , jobs , hope , new life

Where did many Asian immigrants go when they came across the pacific ocean to America?

Angel Island

Who did the immigrants stay with after they came to America?

Immigrants traveled to many places across America and may not have had someone to stay with, so they stayed where ever they could afford to stay. If they had any, immigrants stayed with family or friends after they came to America. Other immigrants came as indentured servants, so their employer provided living quarters. Some came to claim land to homestead, so they would travel to the area which was soon to be open for homesteading to stake their claim.

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