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Q: How many immigrants passed though Ellis Island?
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Related questions

How many Immigrants passed through Ellis How Many immigrants passed through Ellis Island from 1892 to 1924?

over 12 million immigrants passed through Ellis island.

What island have immigrants traditionally passed through?

Ellis island

What was the approximate total number of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island?

More than 20 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954.

How many people came from Ellis Island to the US?

12 million immigrants passed from Ellis Island into the US

How many immigrants came to the USA through Ellis Island from 1892 through 1954?

20 Million immigrants passed through Ellis Island before its closing in 1954

How many immigrants passed through Ellis Island?

i dont know i was asking you

How did immigrants get to Ellis island?

Immigrants got to Ellis island by boat

Where do the immigrants sleep on the Ellis Island?

The immigrants slept on the ship in Ellis Island.

Where did immigrants go from Ellis island?

Ellis Island

Where did the immigrants from Ellis Island go to live?

The immigrants that passed through Ellis island moved to a variety of places, generally based on their ethnicity. In general, the Irish immigrants went to Boston or New York, German immigrants moved to the Midwest, and English immigrants stayed on the east coast. However, there are always exceptions.

Quotes from immigrants entering Ellis Island?

ellis island

Why is Ellis Island important?

Ellis Island is important as people from round the world, their ancestors will have passed through there to get to America. That is what has made America so culturally diverse today. Millions of immigrants passed through Ellis Island. A fire on Ellis Island burnt down records of immigrants passing through, no copies were made of these so tracing ancestors can be a difficulty. (I visited the Ellis Island Museum but I still do not fully understand so don't take all my words! :P)

Why did Europe immigrants leave Europe to go to Ellis island?

Well, it wasn't as if they wanted to Ellis Island. They wanted to the US, because they thought they could find better lives for themselves there. And to get to the US, all immigration traffic passed through Ellis Island.

How were immigrants' experiences different at Ellis Island than angel island?

The immigrants who landed at Ellis Island near New York were processed much quicker than immigrants who landed at Angel Island near San Francisco. Angel Island immigrants were held to higher standards than those of Ellis Island.

Most immigrants coming to America between 1892 and 1924 passed through?

Ellis Island, New York.

Of what significance were Ellis Island and Angel Island to American immigrants?

Ellis Island and Angel Island are both places where immigrants first stopped when they reached the United States. Ellis Island is in New York and Angel Island is in California.

How did immigrants get too Ellis island?

Most Ellis Island immigrants came from Europe. And during the time of the populous of immigration to Ellis Island, boat was the only travel method to the United States.

Where did most of the immigrants come from to Ellis Island?

the top three countries that immigrants came to Ellis island from were Ireland Italy and Germany.

What did Ellis Island do for immigrants?

Ellis Island was where immigrants were given medical and mental exams. Those that failed were sent back to Europe.

Why did immigrants have pass through Ellis island?

Not all did- but Ellis Island was a main Port of Entry for immigrants coming from Europe to the US.

How were immigrants' experiences different at Ellis Island than at Angel Island?

most immigrants left Ellis island very quickly -Moose

Why was Ellis Island closed to Chinese immigrants in 1882?

Chinese immigrants never went through Ellis Island. They went through Angel Island.14

What was on Ellis Island?


What year did immigrants come to Ellis Island?

The immigrants started coming to Ellis island in 1892 through 1954. Over 12 million immigrants came to America.

What happened at Ellis Island?

immigrants came to Ellis island to be checked and processed to America