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slow as #$%

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Q: How many inches do red Japanese maple trees grow in one year?
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In which countries do maple trees grow?

maple trees usually grow in pies from bob

Do maple trees grow in canada?

Yes, maple trees do grow in Canada, and that is how we Canadians get our tasty "Maple Syrup on our Pancakes".

Do maple trees grow in Norway?

Yes, maple trees do grow in Norway. The Norway maple trees are considered to be an invasive tree in Norway. There are an estimated 128 species of maple trees in the country of Asia.

Do maple trees grow in New Zealand?

Maple trees are not indigenous to New Zealand, but they do grow well there. The climate is well suited to these hardy trees.

How many different types of maples are there?

Types of Maple TreesThere are several different types of maple trees. Each of the types of maple trees has its own characteristics and growth requirements. Most maple trees are hardy in zones five through eight, but some types of maple trees will grow in areas as cold as zone three or as hot as zone ten.One of the most common types of maple trees is the sugar maple tree. The sugar maple tree grows throughout most of the western and northwestern United States. The leaves are five lobed, with three primary veins running down the three largest lobes. Sugar maple trees will grow to a height of from seventy to ninety feet, but some are known to have reached a hundred or more feet at maturity.Other types of maple trees are the Japanese maple trees. These types of maple trees come in many different sizes, and are primarily used for their ornamental qualities. One of the Japanese types of maple trees, the red Japanese maple tree, has bright red foliage in the spring, and bright red leaves in the fall. It is one of the most commonly used ornamental trees in the world. The normal Japanese maple tree has green foliage in the spring and obtains a lovely crimson foliage in the autumn months.Another of the types of maple trees is the red maple tree. The red maple tree is one of the fastest growing of the types of maple trees, growing slower only than the silver maple trees. This maple tree will grow to between forty and sixty feet and can easily live to over one hundred years. These are only a few of the over fifty types of maple trees. More information about types of maple trees can be found at any local nursery.

How long do maple trees take to grow?

a maple tree starts to grow from the minute it is planted.

What trees grow along with maple trees?

The Deciduous Forest

Do maple trees grow in Alberta?

yes they do

Where do silver maple trees grow?


Where do sugar maple trees grow?

in ontario

What would happen if maple trees stopped making seeds?

The seeds will not grow, and new maple trees would not be produced if maple trees stopped making seeds.

How high do maple trees grow?

They can grow up to 150 feet.

How tall do maple trees grow?

A maple tree can grow up to 150 ft tall (46 meters).

Why do maple and spruce trees grow in a temperate rainforest?

the trees grow well in wet cool climates

What trees and plants grow in Canada?

maple trees grow in canada. also pine trees grow in canada. Also many fruit trees such as apple and pear.

Where do maple trees grow?

in france and africa only there

What countries do maple trees grow in?

mostly Canada

When do maple trees grow their leaves back?

In Spring.

Which kind of trees does not grow in the rain forests?

Maple is does not grow in the rain forest :)

Do maple trees only grow in Canada?

No. The Vermont Maple syrup industry will be very upset with you.

What kind of trees grow in Arkansas County Arkansas?

The types of trees that grow in Arkansas are the Pine Oak And Maple :D

Name three deciduous trees that grow in Canada?

The tree Deciduous trees that grow in Canada is Maple, Beech and birch.

Can trees grow in Canada?

Yes! There is a large variety of trees that grow in Canada, including the country's symbol, the maple tree.

Why are maple leafs so important to Canada?

Because so many maple trees grow in canada

What types of trees grow in Greenland?

Mainly Birch trees but other trees like maple and oak may be scattered