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How many inhabitants are there in France?

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How many people inhait France?

About 63 000 000 inhabitants.

What was the first inhabitants of France?

The first known inhabitants of France can be traced back to about 1.8 million years ago. These inhabitants were nomadic hunter gatherers.

How many cties are in France?

there are 38 000 towns and villages in France. 10 had more than 200 000 inhabitants in 2009 - 260 had more than 30 000 inhabitants -

First known inhabitants of France?

The Celtic gauls were the first inhabitants

Who were the earliest inhabitants of France?

The earliest inhabitants of France were bacteria. Then came along animals such as birds and dinosaurs followed by human beings.

How many people live in lille in France?

About 1 100 000 inhabitants. (urban area)

Who were the first known inhabitants of France?

they were bulgarians

Where do habitant live?

The Habitant where the inhabitants of New France.

What are the inhabitants in France?

Don't be surprised, they are called French.

What is the Second largest city after Paris in France?

Paris, with 2.2million inhabitants, is far and away the largest city in France. The second largest city with 0.8million inhabitants is Marseille

What is the lageast city in France?

Paris it has 12 million inhabitants

How many people live in Toulouse France?

As of Jan. 1, 2013, the town of Toulouse had 449,328 inhabitants (4th-largest French town) and a population density of about 3,800 people per sq km.The urban area had 1,218,166 inhabitants (5th-largest in France).

Is Munster bigger than angers France?

Angers (France) has 147,571 inhabitants. It is larger than Munster (France) which has 5,000 inhabitants, but smaller than Münster (Germany): 273,000 people. There are other "Munster" in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Ireland.

What is the population of France recorded in 2011?

65 350 181 inhabitants

What is the fifth largest city in France?

Fifth Largest City in FranceThe fifth-largest city in France is Nice with a population of 347,060 inhabitants.

How many inhabitants does china have today?

Has 1.29533 Billion of inhabitants

How many inhabitants does Canada have?

Canada has 34,482,779 (2011) inhabitants.

What is biggest in terms of population Britain or France?

United Kingdom has 62,262,000 inhabitants Great Britain has 60,003,000 France has 65,350,000

How many cities are there in Alsace France?

It depends how you define "city". The following are the cities in Alsace, France with greater than 50,000 inhabitants:Colmar (65,713)Mulhouse (111,156)Strasbourg - regional capital (272,222)

What is the population in Orleans France?

the city itself had an population of 113237 inhabitants (as of 2006). Including the surrounding area, Orleans had 274000 inhabitants as of 1999. Source

If you live in Paris France what are you called?

the inhabitants of Paris are called 'parisien, parisienne' (Parisian)

What is the population of Limoges France?

Limoges had a population of 139,150 people and a population density of 1,783 inhabitants per sq km in 2010. The urban area had 282,873 inhabitants.

How many inhabitants per km squared in Brazil?

20 inhabitants per km2.

What was the population of France in the 13th century?

At the beginning of the 13th century, the estimated population was 12.2 million inhabitants, marking a big increase. In 1320, under the king Charles the 4th, France has about 20 million inhabitants. ________________ About 15 million at mid-century in the area of modern France and 12m in the smaller kingdom of the time.

Was William the Conqueror a viking?

No, but he was from Normandy in northern France and some of the inhabitants were descended from Norsemen, (Vikings).