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the average of a person swallows about 104 per year

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Q: How many insects do you swallow while sleeping?
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How many insects does a human consume while sleeping?

Humans don't consume anything while sleeping.

How many spiders does the average person swallow while sleeping in a lifetime?

7 \

How many spiders you swallow when you are asleep?

This is an urban myth. In order for a sleeping person to swallow a live spider there would involve many highly unlikely circumstances. There are no formal scientific or medical records of anyone ever swallowing a spider while sleeping.

How many spiders does the average human swallow while sleeping?

An average human will swallow about 4-10 spiders in a lifetime. This will depend on whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

How many insects do you eat when you are sleeping?

Normally, none.

How many bugs does the average person swallow in a lifetime?

Humans eat about twelve bugs on average while sleeping. There is no way of calculating how many bugs we consume in our food.

How many bugs do you swallow in your sleep?

in an average lifetime you swallow about 300 bugs while asleep and about 8 while awake

Can you yawn while you are sleeping?

Yes, you can yawn while sleeping, I've seen it done many times.

In your lifetime how many insects do you swallow while sleeping?

Ah, that old chestnut! Most people will be somewhat relieved to know that the horror stories about how the average human swallows a varying number of spiders every year whilst sleeping (the number given varies from teller to teller) seems to be an urban legend fuelled by many people's fear of spiders and insects. Although it probably does happen occasionally, it's certainly not as common as some people fear and the vast majority of people probably go through life without swallowing any insects or spiders during sleep.

How many spiders do you eat a year while sleeping?

You usually eat 3 spiders when you are sleeping.

Are mites and spiders insects?

Mites and spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. While insects and arachnids have many similarities, they also have some obvious differences. Insects have six legs while arachnids have eight.

How many calories are burnt while sleeping?

5 an hour

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