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there are about 20 insects that live in Antarctica!!!!

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Does insects live in Antarctica?

yes it is known that 67 species of insects live in Antarctica

Do insets live in Antarctica?

No, there are no insets -- or insects -- in Antarctica: it's too cold.

How big are the insects living in Antarctica?

No insects live on Antarctica -- nor does any animal. It's too cold and there is no food chain.

Are there many or just a few types of insects the live in Antarctica?

there are no known species that live in antartica actually only continent that doesn't

Do insects live in Antarctica?

Yes, but not all. Only 67 species of insects live in the Antarctic. The ones even living there are mostly less than 2mm long. Many are parasites and lice and collemola (springtails) live there. Some people think that mites are insects, but they are actually part of the spider family (arachnids).Yes, i think that there is only like 60 kinds though.Another AnswerOn the continent of Antarctica, there is only one insect, the Antarctic Midge, Belgica antarctica/

What kind of insects live in Antarctica?

None. It's too cold and there is no food chain.

How many types of animals live in antarctica?

None. No animals live in Antarctica.

What animals have populations on every continent?

I suppose the answer to your question would be insects. They do live in Antarctica don't they?

Name the continent where insects are not found?

It is found on every continent expect Antarctica. Because Antarctica is the coldest continent. Insects can die in Antarctica.

What do insects eat in Antarctica?

Most insects of Antarctica are parasites that live on birds and seals. The only known free-living insect is the springtail, which lives on algae and fungi, and are only active during the summer months.

What do polar regions look like?

it is covered in ice and it is very cold there are 2 arctic and antarctica. arctic has many animals but antarctica is so cold that only few insects and bacterias live. i hope this helps

Why does a woodpecker live in a tree?

Many insects live in trees and woodpeckers eat insects.

Are there omnivores in Antarctica?

No. No animals live in Antarctica.

Is there somebody living in Antarctica?

Yes, many people live in Antarctica.

How many humpback whales are there in Antarctica?

there are none bacause they don't live in Antarctica

How many native peoples live in Antarctica?

no native people lived in antarctica

How many insects live in the desert?

the insects that live in the desert have absolutely 0 friends so they die.

Does anbody live on Antarctica?

There are no countries on Antarctica and no permanent population. Many countries have scientific research stations on Antarctica.

How many polar bears live in Antarctica?

None, Polar Bears live in the Arctic, which is the other side of the world to Antarctica.

How many residence live in Antarctica?

No human being lives in Antarctica, except for scientist studying things there, but they too do not live there.

How many whale's can live in Antarctica?

None. Antarctica is a continent and whales are sea mammals.

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