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How many islands in the state of Hawaii?


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There are 8 "main" islands in Hawaii.

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There are eight "main" islands in the State of Hawaii.

There are eight "main" islands in Hawaii.

Hawaii consists of eight "main" islands.There are eight "main" islands in Hawaii.

None. Hawaii is a series of islands.

Hawaii (the state) belongs to the group of islands known as Oceania, which is the group of Pacific Islands. Hawaii (the island) is a part of Hawaii (the state) which is a US state.

This state is Hawaii, and the capital is Honolulu.

The entire State of Hawaii consists of volcanic islands.

Hawaii is a state. It is comprised of several islands, the largest of which is Hawaii.

The state of Hawaii is made up of eight main islands which are large enough to support populations and wildlife. Besides these, Hawaii contains over one hundred volcanic islands, many of which are quite small.

the answer is 100 but their are 8 main islands that i know of

Honolulu is the capital city in the U.S. state of Hawaii.

Hawaii is an island chain. The invidiual islands are islands.

There are eight main islands but over 100 smaller islands

Hawaii wouldn't have states, since all of the islands make up the state of Hawaii. The biggest island of the Hawaiian Islands is the Big Island, Hawaii.

Seven of the eight "main" islands are populated.

The state in the U.S. that is made up of islands is the state of Hawaii.

Hawai'i is from the state Hawaii. It is one of the islands and happens the be the biggest one.

There is none. Hawaii is several islands, and does not border any state.

There are many islands surrounding Hawaii, but still in the Hawaii territory.

There are nine islands that form Hawaii.

there are 132 islands in Hawaii but 8 major islands. The state flower is the Hibiscus,the state tree is the Kukui,and the state bird is the Nene

The State of Hawaii is a series of islands.

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