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It depends on how many liters of water. An average kettle holds up to 1.7 liters and takes 3KW. If it takes 3 minutes( 1/20 of an hour) to boil that's 3/20 of a KWh, = 0.15 KWh.

Doing the thermal energy sum, you have say 1.5 liter = 1.5 kg of water raising from say 10 C to 100 C, that's 90 C raise and 1500 grams of water so that makes 135,000 calories. 1 calorie = 4.2 Joules, so we have 567,000 Joules.

1 watt = 1 Joule/sec , 1 KW = 1000 Joules/sec, so 1 KWh = 1000 x 3600 Joules (3600 secs in 1 hour), 1 KWh = 3,600,000 Joules. So 567,000 Joules = 0.1575 KWh.

So the two sums give similar results. If you do a more exact comparison, you could find the efficiency of the kettle from the difference in the two figures, there is bound to be some loss of electrical power, but it should not be much.

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For a more accurate answer, use the following formula -

W - Q = [m c (T1 - T2)]water + [m c (T1 - T2)]kettle


W = work done in joules

Q = heat transfer away from the kettle

m = mass of water (and mass of kettle)

c = specific heat capacity of water (and of the material from which kettle is made)

T1 = initial temperature of water/kettle

T2 = final temperature of water/kettle

Then convert your answer from joules to kilowatt hours.

However, the REALLY simple way is to time how long it takes for your kettle to boil, then multiply its nameplate power rating (in kilowatts) by that time (expressed in hours)!

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Q: How many kWh does boiling a kettle use?
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What kettle is use for?

A kettle is used for boiling water usually used for making a cup of coffee or tea.

Function of a kettle?

The function of the kettle is to increase the heat of water, by the use of a perfectly placed element, to 100 degrees Celsius(boiling point). This is the temperature where the water will start boiling, destroying all harmful germs. The emergence of the kettle has replaced the boiling of water by fire in most areas and sectors of the world.

How many kwh does a average house use in a day?

20 kWh.

How do you use your electric airpot?

Well, the first thing to do when you use your electric pot is to fill it with water. After doing so, you plug the kettle and turn it on. Usually it will light up (usually red color) when you turn the switch on. It will indicate that the kettle is boiling. It will then turn green when the boiling is done.

How much energy do you waste by using a kettle?

If you want some boiling water to make tea or coffee, you have to use energy to produce it. Why should you consider it wasted? After all, it is not a new fad to want hot water, in the old days people would keep a kettle on the fire, but we don't usually have fires these days, we use electricity or natural gas. What is a waste is to fill the kettle if you only want enough water for one or two drinks. Just put in enough for what you intend to use and that is not a waste. You can work out the energy used by looking up the rating of the kettle in watts, and timing how long it takes to boil, and working it out in KWh.

Is a polycarbonate kettle safe to use for boiling water?

yes.well it depends if ur carefull enough

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about 10,000 KWh

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100 kWh

Can I use a cordless kettle to make coffee?

You can use the cordless kettle to first boil water and then make the coffee in a cup. But if you make the coffee directly in the cordless kettle, it will make a mess and be very difficult to clean all the coffee grounds from it. It is better to use the kettle only for boiling water and nothing else- this way it will stay clean and last longer.

How many kWh if use a light with 32 watt and 220 V?

To find kWh a time frame has to be given. That is what the h in kWh stands for.

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How do you fix a kettle that makes the boiled water taste bad?

Perhaps you can try descaling your kettle. You can either purchase a descaler or put 1/3 white vinegar + 2/3 water in the kettle and boil that. Leave the solution in the kettle overnight after boiling. The next day, dump out the vinegar solution and boil with just water. Leave that overnight and rinse out the kettle and you can use the kettle for making hot beverages now.

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In ten hours, a 200W bulb will use: 10 * 200 = 2000 Watt-hours = 2 kwh

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Improper question; change the question so it is either "How many kWh per hour does a computer use?" or "How many kW does a computer use?" The term "kW" means "kWh/h."On the average, a home computer of current manufacture consumes about 0.25 kWh/h

How many kwh does an average house use?

Using the Google search term "average household electricity consumption kwh"

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About 3 kWh's of heat are created for every kWh of electricity it consumes

How many kWh does a typical household use?

It depends on the size of the house and the mix of appliances. Mine uses around 800 KWH per month.

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Check your appliance spec

How many kilowatts does a 220 volt stove use?

12.500 kwh

How many kw does a hairdryer use?

A hairdryer uses 0.2 kWh

What can a water kettle be used for?

When using a kettle, it can be used for boiling water which has a number of uses. For instance use boiled hot water to cook pasta, make tea, speed up cooking time. A kettle can be used to clean utensils and kitchen equipment. And in those cold months a kettle can be used to melt ice from your car windscreen. There are a number of uses for your common kettle. Cleaning baby equipment and or making baby formula is another. But be carful with the kettle as it is full of steaming hot water.

What is 10000 kWh in watts?

1 Kwh is how many kilowatts is use in one hour. 1 kwh = 60sec*60*mins = 3600,000 watts per hour 3600 Kw

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Since there are 6366 hours in a year, 1930 kWh is about 0.3 kW per hour. (1930 / 6366)

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It depends on the btu of the unit

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