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The answer to your question will depend on what ages you define "Kids" as.


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200 kids in Ghana get shot a year

How many kids in cambodia die each year

There are millions of kids that are bullied each year.

About 7 people are shot in Egypt each day

thousands of kids are bullied each year

906,000 children are abused each year.

all I found on google, was that 2,102,400 kids become orphans each year, but ONLY IN AFRICA ALONE:(

um, are you aware that the SPCA helps animals...not kids. and they save thousands and thousands of animals each year.

over 300,000 thousand Americans die each year.

there are born 20000 thousand kids each year

88% of kids drop out of school in a year because of grade and focus

about 5 each year mainly because of hunting season accidents.

120000 children are adopted each year.

About 12.7 million people join gangs each year but in the united states about 12000 each year

Well, goats can have 2 litters each year, about 2-4 kids to on birth.

how many kids are hit by cars on halloween each year in the united states

4 kids. Maaayyybe 5, but no higher than that.

about 50 percent of all kids are bullied

There are about over 150 teens that smoke a year.

Over one million of kids in North America get bullied each year.

they send about $1300 a year on there kids

Each year About 9,000 kids get bullied kids bully kids sometimes because they are insecure about themselves

over 5 million kids have cancer each year and over 100,000 die from it.

The department of education estimates that 82% of kids in the U.S. are failing.

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