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How many kids did Juan Ponce de Leon have?

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Juan Ponce de Leon had four kids and their names are Luis, Juana, Maria and Isabelle.

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How many children did Ponce De Leon have?

Juan Ponce de Leon had one daughter, Juana Ponce de Leon, with his wife, Leonor. He had a grandson, Juan Ponce de Leon II, and a great-grandson, Juan Ponce de Leon y Loayza.

How many years did Juan Ponce de Leon explore?

years during which juan ponce de leon traveled

How many ships did ponce de leon had?

Juan Ponce de Leon had three ships.

Who is Juan ponce de loen?

Juan ponce De Leon is an explorer he has looked for many thing is his past years.

How many men did Juan ponce de leon have on his voyage?

Juan ponce traveled with more than 100 men.

How many times was Juan ponce de leon married?

juan ponce de leon was married once to leonor the daughter of a n inkeeper and have four children

How many voyages did Juan Ponce de Leon take?

Juan Poce de Leon took 1 voyage

How many kids did ponce de leon have?

he had four kids and he was married

What equipment did Juan Ponce De Leon use?

The Spanish Juan Ponce de Leon used many Spanish items such as a conquistador helm, just a basic sword, and some food and supplies.

What did Juan Ponce de Leon accomplish?

many things like he was the governor of porto rico

Who did Juan ponce deleon sail with?

Juan Ponce De Leon sailed with Christopher Columbus on many different occasions for many different expeditions. Some expeditions even to Japan...& of course Florida.

How many ships did ponce de leon have when he was gong to Florida?

Juan Ponce de Leon had 3 ships, the Santa Maria de la Consolacion, the Santiago and the San Cristobal on his journey to Florida.

Did Juan Ponce De Leon bring back some native Americans?

actually many after he was governor of Florida

How many brothers did ponce de leon have?

jaun ponce de leon traveld on the santamaria

How many voyages did ponce de leon make?

ponce de leon took 2 voyages

How many trips did ponce de leon take?

Ponce DE Leon took 3 trips

When did Ponce de Leon end his journey?

Juan Ponce de Leon made his last expedition in 1521, another expedition to try and find Bimini and its fountain of youth. His force of approx. 200 men landed on the West Coast of Florida and were met by hostile native Indian's. He along with many of his men was shot and wounded by their arrows. Juan Ponce de Leon died of his injuries in July 1521,at Havana Cuba. He is buried in San Juan, Porto Rico.

How many ships did Ponce De Leon use on his first voyage?

How many ships did ponce de leon use on his voyage

How many islands did Ponce DE Leon find?

Ponce De Leon conquered (discovered) many islands, including Bimini and Caribbean Islands.

How many people were on Juan ponce de leon's ships?

well 200 people were on juan ponce de leon's ship

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