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Actress, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez has two children with former husband Marc Anthony. They had twins, a boy and girl named Max and Emme.

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What date did Jennifer Lopez have her kids?

Jlo had her twins Febuary 21st 2008.

Does Jennifer Lopez have kids that have autism?

No, not that I know of and I am a HUGE fan of JLo.

Who is most famous Hilary Duff or jlo?


What color hair does jlo have?

jlo hasss a golden honey colour,

Who is the fatter celebrity jlo or beyonce?

is jlo short and big for a singer

Is Marc Anthony married to jlo?

yes Marc Anthony and jlo are maried

How many seasons of American idol has jlo judged?

5 seasons

What did jlo name her baby's?

Jlo named her baby boy Max and girl Emma.

Why is Jennifer Lopez's nickname JLo?

Becuase it is shorter J for Jennifer and Lo for Lopez JLo

How Tall Is Jlo?


When did jlo get her nickname?


Why is Jennifer Lopez called Jlo?

JLO, J stands for J-ennifer, LO stands for LO-pez

Did Selena Quintanilla Perez inspire JLO?

Yes even JLO said on YouTube when she singing if I could fall in love

How do you spell jeniffer Lopez's nickname?

You can spell it Jaylo but many people spell it Jlo

Who is prettier Beyonce or jlo?


Who did JLo sleep with?

she slept with balraj

What is Jennifer Roy's Email address?


What is jlo real name?

Jennifer Lopez

Does jlo speak Spanish?

Yes, with errors.

What store could someone find Jlo Glow perfume in?

Jlo Glow perfume is sold in many places including drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. This perfume is also sold online at Fragrance Net and Perfume.

What are the holy sites of Confucianism?

'ikip;jlo hftdfhykdkhyd

Is jlo dead?

As of early September 2011, not yet.

What does jlo mean in Facebook?

normally, Jennifer Lopez

What is the rappers pitbulls contributions to society?

his contibution is JLO

Who is jlo marride to?

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is currently single.

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