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A litre is a unit of volume and a kilogram is a unit of mass (weight). You can not directly equate different units of measurement.


The Units are not compatible, It depends upon the substance. The weight of a liter of a substance varies with the substance and, to a small extent, its temperature. A liter of Mercury weighs much more than a liter of water.

A typical answer is: 1 liter of water "weighs" 1 kilogram, but don't forget it's water at 3.98 degrees Celsius or 39.164 degrees Fahrenheit.


There are two problems with this common answer, which is why I am not just changing the answer.

1. The kilogram is not a unit of weight, it is a unit of mass. So it is incorrect to say that a liter of water weighs one kilogram. In fact one liter of pure water has a mass of one kilogram.

2. Technically this conversion is not exact since the density of water changes depending on it's state. Since a liter is a unit of volume, then, since water expands when frozen, a liter of solid ice has less mass than a liter of liquid water. Water is maximally dense at near 4 degrees Celsius.
These are two different variables Kilograms is unit of mass, and liter is a unit of volume. To relate both you would need to know the density of the material. (Density = mass in kg/ volume in Liters)

However, for water at 4°C, one kilogram is the weight of 1 liter.

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Q: How many kilograms are in a liter?
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1.000028 kg

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One liter of soybeans weighs 0.77 kilograms, since one bushel (35.2 liters) weighs 60 pounds.

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If water, it's 3 kilograms

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At 15 degrees Celsius, there are about 0.82 kilograms per liter of kerosene. Conversely, there are about 1.22 liters of kerosene per kilogram.

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Question is unanswerable. Read it again, slowly. You mention 3 types of measurements: (1) kilograms (2) Liter (3) Pounds. You can only convert from one type to one other type. Alternate Question: How many Kilograms does 1 liter of water weigh?

How many liters are there in 15 kilograms?

This cannot be sensibly answered. A liter is a measure of volume, kilograms is a measure of weight or mass.

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Approx 2,5 kilograms of seeds for 1 liter of oil.

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There is 1.9 liters of gas per kilo

1 liter of water has a mass of how many kilograms?

It has a mass of exactly 1 Kg.

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One kilo of water is exactly a litre

How many liters are equivilent to 0.3 kilograms?

There is no general conversion between kilograms and liters. A liter is a unit of volume, while a kilogram is a unit of mass.

1L of Mercury weigh?

The density of mercury is 13595 kilograms per cubic meter or 13.595 kilograms per cubic decimeter or 13.595 kilograms per liter. 1 liter of mercury weighs 13.595 kilograms.

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Kilogram is a unit of mass, second is a unit of time, litre is a unit of volume !

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