How many kilometers does the average human walk in a year?

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The average person walks 245-292 kilometers in a year. The average person takes about 7500 steps a day. Assuming every day the person walks, an eighty year old person who began walking at one year of age, would have taken 216,262,500 steps in their lifetime. An average person, with an average stride, living to this age of 80 will walk about 108,131 miles.
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What is the average speed of human walking?

The average walking speed is about 5 km/h or 3.1 mph. The typical speed range is from 4.5 km/h (or 2.8 mph) to 5.4 km/h (or 3.35 mph) which makes 3.1 a reasonable average.

What is average human walking speed?

Most people walk at a pace of 3 to 3.5 miles per hour (4.82km/hr to 5.63km/hr). 4 miles per hour is considered a brisk walk (6.43km/hr).

How many teeth does the average human have?

The average human has 32 teeth. There is at least a minimum of 3 different types of teeth an average human has. human teeth are made of calcium phosphorus and other mineral salts.

How many times does the average human breathe in one year?

An average human breathes some 10 times per minute, 600 times per hour, or 14,400 times per day and 5,256,000 per year. If we assume that each breath contains one liter of air, then simply human inhales some 14,400 liters of per day. Air is composed of about 16% oxygen, of which about half is exchan ( Full Answer )

How many min. would it take for a person to walk a kilometer?

10 to 15 mins. depending on what you were carrying and if you needed it to be a sustainable pace for a days walk. most people could walk 4k per hour with a large rucksack for most of the day but fitter people could walk up to 6 or 7k an hour.

In a 70 year lifetime an average human heart beats how many times?

Around 36,000,000 every year, or around 2.52 billion times during 70 years. In a whole lifetime there would be around 2,800,000,000 heart beats. But that depends what you are doing. Whether you are active or sleeping, the heart beats differ. The answer I got was if the person was sleeping their whol ( Full Answer )

How many calories burned in walking 1 kilometer?

Approx. 166 if you are walking at an average pace and you are an average sized person. Everything changes when it comes down to sex, age, height, health and so on. To whoever wrote the above, you may have been thinking per hour at a very slow walking speed, or in kilo jules, but not per killometre ( Full Answer )

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How many fingers does the average human have?

There are four fingers and a thumb on each hand. The combined total of the digits on each hand is ten. . thumb . pointer finger . middle finger . index finger . pinky A person may be born without one or more digits, or lose a digit in an accident.

How many miles can a human walk in an hour?

it depends on how in shape you are. if you are not in shape then it wont be alot but if you are in shape then you might go longer. it also depends on how fast you are. you could be in shape but you may not walk fast. some people walk slower then others so its kind of hard to explain?

How much does a human walk in an average lifetime?

In a lifetime, around the world twice! So that's around 25512 Km! Around the world twice is correct but the circumference of the world is 40,075.16 km so it would be a total of 80,150.32 km or 49,803.1 miles..

How many cells are there in the average human?

The average human body contains 32.7 trillion cells, according to arecent study in 2013. By breaking down the number of cells byorgans and cell types, the scientists were able to come up withthis estimate.

What is the average kilometers driven per year in Malaysia?

According to a survey conducted by the Malaysian Institute ofRoad Safety Research in 2007 ( the only piece of data relevantto the question I could find ), the average passenger car inMalaysia covered a distance of 20,499 km while the VehicleKilometre Travelled for motorcycles were 15,879 km in the s ( Full Answer )

How many steps does an average human walk in a year?

The average sedentary person (non-exerciser) may walk from 1,000 to 3,000 steps in a day, giving a range of somewhere between 365,000 to 1,095,000 steps in a year. . However, it depends on how much the person walks. :)

What is the average walking speed of a 72 yr old human?

All matters related to human health, are widely variable considering a lot of factors. When walking, the rule is dictaded by your heart and lungs, specially for people aged 50/60 years and more. After getting your cholesterol, tryglicerides and other blood substances balanced, do not worry about oth ( Full Answer )

How many miles does the average women walk?

First, let's assume average life expectancy of 67 and a walking start age of 1. That gives us 66 years of walking. The rest depends on lifestyle. An average American may walk 700-2,500 steps per day. (That's pretty sedentary by global standards). Let's take the average at 1,600. One step = 2.5 ( Full Answer )

How many eyelashes does the average human have?

we have four on each eyelid Source : experiences from lifethat all depends on the person. some people have very thick(more) eyelashes while some have thin(fewer).you f*** have 200 lashes50 per eye

Average of kilometers walked per year?

That surely varies a lot from one person to another. If you assume that you walk an hour a day, and you don't walk particularly fast, you might walk 5 km per hour, and therefore 5 km per day. That would be roughly 1800 km per year. (Rounding is appropiate here, since we don't have very accurate figu ( Full Answer )

How many kilometers are good for walking in a day?

It has two factors; are you expecting any weight reduction by walking or you just simply walking? If you want any weight reduction, you would need to walk as per your weight loss goals else you can walk as per your physical strength and stamina levels.

How many kilometers can you walk in 1 hr and 40 min?

That depends on your speed. 1) Estimate a speed. Typical speeds for adults might be about 5-6 km/hour. 2) Convert the hours and minutes into hours (1 hour = 60 minutes). 3) Use the formula distance = speed x time.

How many kilometers can you walk in 50 minutes?

Last Friday I went for a walk in the countryside with my wife and we covered about 17.2 km in about 3 hrs 50 mins (of actual walking time) which is a speed of approx 4.5 km/h and means in 50 mins I can walk about 3.75 km.

How many kilometers can a human walk in 1 day?

That is entirely up to who is walking. a man in top shape can walk for the entire 24 hour period and cover 100+km in one day. Someone grossly out of shape or just not used to walking would be done after 1-2km.. It all depends on the person , the conditions, the terrain and the load being carried. As ( Full Answer )

On average How many heartbeats in the human body in a year?

Many factors affect heart rate. On average women have higher average heart rates than men. Overweight people have higher rates than trim people. People who are sedentary have higher heart rates than athletic people. The degree of ones daily activity (activity raises heart rate). Using 66 beats pe ( Full Answer )

How many miles does a human walk in an hour?

The average human walking speed is 3.1 mph (5 kmh). be advised that this speed will vary widely depending on a persons height, weight, gender, age, etc.