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560 km taking this route:

  1. Take A1 (Port Wakefield Rd in Adelaide, PRINCESS HWY past Port Wakefield), from Adelaide, to A87 (STUART HWY) towards DARWIN, NORTHERN TERRITORY, @ the junction in Port Augusta (West).
  2. Take A87 (STUART HWY) to B96 ROXBY DOWNS.
  3. Take B96 to Roxby Downs
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How many kilometers to port broughton from roxby downs?

According to Google maps, the distance between Port Broughton, South Australia, and Roxby Downs, South Australia, is 406 kilometres, and will take 4 hours 36 minutes to drive.

Is the Olympic dam in roxby downs?

Olympic Dam is approx 10kms from Roxby Downs it is where the mine is

How has Roxby Downs in South Australia been affected by mining?

The decision to stop the expansion of the mine has put Roxby Downs in a financial slump, and the once booming town is now being abandoned.

I love you roxby?

Why do you love roxby? Roxby loves me.(:

Name three Australian towns or cities beginning with the letter r?

RenmarkRobeRainbow BeachRockhamptonRoxby DownsRichmondRutherglen.

How old is Roddy Maude-Roxby?

Roddy Maude-Roxby is 81 years old (birthdate: April 2, 1930).

When was Roddy Maude-Roxby born?

Roddy Maude-Roxby was born on April 2, 1930.

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What is Roddy Maude-Roxby's birthday?

Roddy Maude-Roxby was born on April 2, 1930.

Who made the movie The Aristocats?

The Aristocats is an American animated feature film produced and released by Walt Disney Productions in 1970 and features the voices of Eva Gabor, Phil Harris, and Roddy Maude-Roxby as Edgar the butler, the villain of the story

What towns are in South Australia?

This is a list of the towns in South Australia.Aldinga BeachAndamookaAngastonArdrossanArkaroolaBalaklavaBarmeraBeachportBerriBlinmanBordertownBurraCedunaClareCoffin BayCoober PedyCoonalpynCoonawarraCowellCrystal BrookEdithburghEllistonGawlerGoolwaHawkerInnaminckaJamestownKadinaKapundaKeithKimbaKingscoteKingston S.ELeigh CreekLoxtonLyndochMcLaren ValeMaitlandMannumMarreeMelroseMeningieMillicentMinlatonMintaroMoontaMorganMount GambierMurray BridgeNaracoorteNuriootpaOld NoarlungaOodnadattaPenolaPeterboroughPinnarooPort AugustaPort BroughtonPort ElliotPort LincolnPort MacDonnellPort PiriePort VictoriaQuornRenmarkRobeRoxby DownsStansburyStrathalbynStreaky BaySwan ReachTanundaTumby BayVictor HarbourWaikerieWallarooWhyallaWillungaWilmingtonWilpenaWoomeraWundinnaYankalillaYorketownAnd the 4 main towns on Kangaroo Island (situated 120 kilometers South West of Adelaide and a short ferry trip from Cape Jervis on the Fleurieu Peninsula) are Kingscote, American River, Parndana and Penneshaw

Was there ever a water shortage in Australia?

The Answer is No! There is a however, a common sense shortage and a surplus of mis-information. Australia has been run dry by economic practices spanning over a century which are not appropriate to its location or Arid nature. The CSIRO in Australia, did a report for the Dept of Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs...looking at future population and growth scenarios. The final study (Future Dillemma) became very political and appeared on ABC Four Corners program. Covered also at rosettamoon site: There is no water shortage, mines such as Roxby consume approx 50,000,000 litres of water per day, sucking the natural artesian basin and springs feeding the wildlife habitats dry. When Australia manages it economy sensibly and stops exporting uncosted product (agriculture/mining/energy)...the problem will not be so apparent. I hope that answers the question :)

Who voices the charicters in The Aristocats?

Phil Harris- Thomas O'Malley(full name: Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley) Eva Gabor- Duchess(singing voice by Robie Lester) Gary Dubin- Toulouse Liz English- Marie Dean Clark- Berlioz Sterling Holloway- Roquefort Roddy Maude- Roxby- Edgar Scatman Crothers- Scat Cat Paul Winchell- Chinese Cat Lord Tim Hudson- English Cat Vito Scotti- Italian Cat Thurl Ravenscroft- Russian Cat Pat Buttram- Napoleon George Lindsey- Lafayette Hermione Baddeley- Madame Adelaide Bonfamille Charles Lane- George Hautecourt Monica Evans- Abigail Carole Shelby- Amelia Nancy Kulp- Frou Frou Bill Thompson- Uncle Waldo Maurice Chevailer- Singer

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How many times a year do ships sink?

The numbers given for the count of ships that sink in a year are slightly different depending on the source. It has often been claimed that "severe weather has sunk more than 200 supertankers and container ships exceeding 200 metres in length during the last two decades", and that rogue waves are believed to be the major cause in many such cases. That claim was made by the MaxWave project in 2001 (without any evidence) and was repeated in a press release by the European Space Agency in 2004. But that rogue waves were the cause is not consistent with other reports and available statistics. According to the casualty statistics held by Lloyd's Register (which documents the career of every ship in the world), only 142 vessels of that size (of any type, not just tankers and container ships) were lost during the two decades to 2001. The losses were mostly due to the usual causes: fire, collisions, groundings and structural failure, plus losses due to military action during the Iran-Iraq war. None were attributed to rogue waves. Tim Roxby of Lloyd's Marine Intelligence Unit in England said that "an average of four ships sink every week", and in 2003, 211 vessels disappeared, 24 of them more than 100 meters long.

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PorterNigel Hawthorne[23]TarzanArchimedesJunius Matthews[24]The Sword in the StoneArielJodi BensonThe Little MermaidAristaKimmy RobertsonThe Little MermaidArmoireJo Anne Worley[25]Beauty and the BeastArthur/WartRickie Sorensen[24]Richard Reitherman[24]Robert Reitherman[24]The Sword in the StoneArthurDavid LanderJungle CubsAtkaJeff Bennett[17]Brother Bear 2AtroposPaddi Edwards[13]HerculesAttinaKari WahlgrenThe Little MermaidAudrey the ChickenEstelle Harris[11]Home on the RangeAudrey RamirezJacqueline Obradors[26]Atlantis: The Lost EmpireAunt SarahVerna Felton[27]Lady and the TrampAunt SiqiniqWendie Malick[17]Brother Bear 2Aunt TaqqiqKathy Najimy[17]Brother Bear 2AuroraMary Costa[28]Sleeping BeautyAxeJeff BennettBeauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas CharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutB.E.N.Martin ShortTreasure Planet[29]BabetteMary Kay Bergman[25]Beauty and the BeastBabyface BeagleTerry McGovernDuckTalesBaby Red BirdTress MacNeilleMickey Mouse ClubhouseBaby HermanApril Winchell[30]Lou Hirsch[30]Who Framed Roger RabbitBackwoods BeagleDanny Mann[31]DuckTalesBacon BeagleNoneDuckTalesBaggy BeagleFrank WelkerDuckTalesBagheeraSebastian Cabot[8]The Jungle BookBaileywickTim GunnSofia the FirstBakerAlex Murphey[25]Beauty and the BeastBakerRob PaulsenCinderella II: Dreams Come TrueBallerinaNoneFantasia 2000Baloo BearPhil Harris[8]The Jungle BookBambiDonnie Dunagan[32]Hardie Albright[32]Alexander GouldBambiBambi's MotherPaula Winslowe[32]Carolyn HennesyBambiBankjob BeaglePeter CullenDuckTalesBartholomewBarrie Ingham[33]The Great Mouse DetectiveBashfulScotty Mattraw[34]Snow White and the Seven DwarfsBasilBarrie Ingham[33]The Great Mouse DetectiveBayleneJoan Plowright[10]DinosaurBearDal McKennonBedknobs and BroomsticksBeary BarringtonHaley Joel OsmentThe Country BearsBeastRobby Benson[25]Beauty and the BeastBeaverStan Freberg[27]Lady and the TrampBellaFrank WelkerMickey Mouse ClubhouseBellePaige O'Hara[25]Beauty and the BeastBenBilly Connolly[35]PocahontasBen Ali GatorJim CummingsFantasiaBenny the CabCharles Fleischer[30]Who Framed Roger RabbitBentina BeakleyJoan GerberDuckTalesBeret GirlVicki LewisAn Extremely Goofy MovieBerliozDean Clark[2]The AristocatsBernardBob Newheart[36]The RescuersBig AlJames GammonThe Country BearsBig Bad WolfBilly BletcherThree Little PigsBig MamaPearl Bailey[15]The Fox and the HoundBigtime BeagleFrank WelkerDuckTalesBill the LizardLarry Grey[14]Alice in WonderlandBilly BassThurl Ravenscroft[2]The AristocatsBilly BonesPatrick McGoohan[29]Treasure PlanetBimbetteKath Soucie[25]Beauty and the BeastBinkie MuddlefootSusan TolskyDarkwing DuckBinky BeagleNoneDuckTalesBlack BartThurl Ravenscroft[24]The Sword in the StoneBlakeNick Swardson[6]BoltBlazeNoneTinker Bell and the Lost TreasureBlue FairyEvelyn Venable[37]PinocchioBobbleRob PaulsenDisney FairiesBoltJohn Travolta[6]BoltBomber BeagleRobert Ridgely[31]DuckTalesBooksellerAlvin Epstein[25]Beauty and the BeastBoomerPaul Winchell[15]The Fox and the HoundBonkers D. 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Pat O'Malley[19]The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadDCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutDaisy DuckClarence Nash Gloria BlondellMr. Duck Steps OutDaleDessie FlynnCorey BurtonPrivate PlutoDallbenFreddie Jones[48]The Black CauldronDanielleKath Soucie[18]Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's AdventureDannyAndrew McDonoughReturn to Never LandDarbyChloë Grace MoretzMy Friends Tigger & PoohDarlingPeggy Lee[27]Lady and the TrampDavid KawenaJason Scott Lee[7]Lilo & StitchDemetriusWayne Knight[13]HerculesDenahiJason Raize[49]Brother BearDerek BluntPeter RenadayDarkwing DuckDeSotoCarl Weintraub[50]Oliver & CompanyDeweyClarence NashRussi TaylorDonald's NephewsDex BarringtonJustin BerfieldThe Country BearsDiabloNoneSleeping BeautyDigger the MoleDub Taylor[36]The RescuersDijon the ThiefRichard LibertiniDuckTalesDinah the CatNoneAlice in WonderlandDinah the DachshundNoneThe SleepwalkerDinkyRichard Bakalyan[15]The Fox and the HoundThe DirectorJames Lipton[6]BoltDixieReba McEntireThe Fox and the Hound 2Dizzie the VultureLord Tim Hudson[8]The Jungle BookDjaliNoneThe Hunchback of Notre DameDocRoy Atwell[34]Snow White and the Seven DwarfsDoctor MouseBernard Fox[47]The Rescuers Down UnderDodgerBilly Joel[50]Oliver & CompanyThe DodoBill Thompson[14]Alice in WonderlandThe Dog CatcherJeff Bennett[18]Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's AdventureDoliJohn Byner[48]The Black CauldronDon KarnageJim CummingsTaleSpinDonald DuckClarence NashTony AnselmoThe Wise Little HenDoofus DrakeBrian CummingsDuckTalesThe DoorknobJoseph Kearns[14]Alice in WonderlandThe DoormanDon Barclay[16]CinderellaDopeyEddie Collins[34]Snow White and the Seven DwarfsDorisEthan Sandler[38]Meet the RobinsonsThe DormouseJimmy MacDonald[14]Alice in WonderlandDr. CalicoMalcolm McDowell[6]BoltDr. David Q. DawsonVal Bettin[33]The Great Mouse DetectiveDr. DopplerDavid Hyde Pierce[29]Treasure PlanetDr. FacilierKeith David[41]The Princess and the FrogDr. ForresterRonn Moss[6]BoltDr. Jacques von HamstervielJeff BennettStitch! The MovieDr. Joshua SweetPhil Morris[26]Atlantis: The Lost EmpireDr. Jumba JookibaDavid Ogden Stiers[7]Lilo & StitchDr. Reginald BushrootTino InsanaDarkwing DuckDrake "Darkwing Duck" MallardJim CummingsDarkwing DuckDrizella TremaineRhoda Williams[16]Russi TaylorCinderellaDuchessEva Gabor[2]The AristocatsDuchessMarjorie Bennett[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansDuckworthChuck McCannDuckTalesDukeNoneFantasia 2000Duke of WeseltonAlan TudykFrozenDumboNoneDumboECharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutEdgar Balthazar the ButlerRoddy Maude-Roxby[2]The AristocatsEdwardRoger ReesReturn to Never LandEemaDella Reese[10]DinosaurEeyoreRalph Wright[46]Winnie the Pooh and the Honey TreeEinsteinRichard Mulligan[50]Oliver & CompanyEl CapitanJim CummingsDuckTalesEllaAnne HathawayElla EnchantedEli "Big Daddy" La BouffJohn Goodman[41]The Princess and the FrogEllie MaeJeanette Nolan[36]The RescuersElliottCharlie CallasPete's DragonElmer ElephantNoneSilly SymphoniesElsaIdina MenzelFrozenEmperor of ChinaPat Morita[45]MulanThe EnchantressKath SoucieBeauty and the Beast: The Enchanted ChristmasEsmeraldaDemi Moore[22]The Hunchback of Notre DameEudoraOprah Winfrey[41]The Princess and the FrogEvangalineNoneThe Princess and the FrogEvinrudeJimmy MacDonald[36]The RescuersFCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutFa LiFreda Foh Shen[45]MulanFa ZhouSoon-Tek Oh[45]MulanFaginDom DeLuise[50]Oliver & CompanyFairy GodmotherVerna Felton[16] Russi TaylorCinderellaFairy MaryJane HorrocksDisney FairiesFalineCammie King[32]Ann Gillis[32]BambiFall-Apart RabbitFrank WelkerBonkersFalooCarla Meyer[47]The Rescuers Down UnderFat CatJim CummingsChip 'n Dale Rescue RangersFather WolfBen Wright[8]The Jungle BookFaunaBarbara Jo Allen[28]Sleeping BeautyFawnAmerica FerreraDisney FairiesFelicia the CatFrank Welker[33]The Great Mouse DetectiveFenton CrackshellHamilton CampDuckTalesFenton Q. 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Worthington FoulfellowWalter Catlett[37]PinocchioJack-in-the-BoxJohn LithgowFantasia 2000Jackson "Jaq" HopscotchJimmy MacDonald[16] Rob PaulsenCinderellaJafarJonathan Freeman[4]AladdinJakeTristan Rogers[47]The Rescuers Down UnderJaneHarriet OwenReturn to Never LandJane PorterMinnie Driver[23]TarzanJeb the GoatJoe Flaherty[11]Home on the RangeJennifer "Jenny" FoxworthNatalie Gregory[50]Oliver & CompanyJenny WrenMartha WentworthSilly SymphoniesJessica RabbitKathleen Turner[30]Who Framed Roger RabbitJim CrowCliff Edwards[43]DumboJim DearLee Millar[27]Lady and the TrampJim HawkinsJoseph Gordon-Levitt[29]Treasure PlanetJiminy CricketCliff Edwards[37]Eddie CarrollPinocchioJobless JoeNoneFantasia 2000JockBill Thompson[27]Lady and the TrampJoe GiraffePinto Colvig[52]Silly SymphoniesJoey HippoNoneSilly SymphoniesJohn DarlingPaul Collins[42]Peter PanJohn SilverBrian Murray[29]Treasure PlanetJohnny AppleseedDennis DayMelody TimeJosé CariocaJosé Oliveira[53]Rob PaulsenSaludos AmigosJudge Claude FrolloTony Jay[22]The Hunchback of Notre DameJudge DoomChristopher Lloyd[30]Who Framed Roger RabbitJune DuckNoneHouse of MouseJuniorClint Howard[8]The Jungle BookJunior the BuffaloLance LeGault[11]Home on the RangeKCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutKaaSterling Holloway[8] Jim CummingsThe Jungle BookKalaGlenn Close[23]TarzanKangaBarbara Luddy[46]Winnie the Pooh and the Honey TreeKataCatherine O'Hara[17]Brother Bear 2Katrina Van TasselNoneThe Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadKekata the Medicine manGordon Tootoosis[35]PocahontasKenaiJoaquin Phoenix[49]Brother BearKerchakLance Henriksen[23]TarzanKiaraMichelle HornNeve CampbellThe Lion King II: Simba's PrideThe KingLuis Van Rooten[16]CinderellaThe King of HeartsDink Trout[14]Alice in WonderlandKing Candy/TurboAlan TudykWreck-It RalphKing EidillegArthur Malet[48]The Black CauldronKing HubertBill Thompson[28]Sleeping BeautyKing Kashekim NedakhLeonard Nimoy[26]Atlantis: The Lost EmpireKing LeonidasLennie WeinribBedknobs and BroomsticksKing LouieLouis Prima[8]The Jungle BookKing RichardPeter Ustinov[12]Robin HoodKing Roland IITravis WillinghamSofia the FirstKing StefanTaylor Holmes[28]Sleeping BeautyKing TritonKenneth Mars[5]The Little MermaidKirbySean Elmore[1]Matthew Joston[1]Evan Dunn[1]Chicken LittleKit CloudkickerR.J. 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Wright[10]DinosaurKronk PepikrankenitzPatrick Warburton[40]The Emperor's New GrooveKuzcoDavid Spade[40]The Emperor's New GrooveLCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutLachesisCarole Shelley[13]HerculesLadyBarbara Luddy[27]Lady and the TrampLady DeBurneApril Winchell[54]The Hunchback of Notre Dame IILady KluckCarole Shelley[12]Robin HoodLady MouseShani Wallis[33]The Great Mouse DetectiveLady TremaineEleanor Audley[16] Susanne BlakesleeCinderellaLafayette the Basset HoundGeorge Lindsey[2]The AristocatsLampwickFrankie Darro[37]PinocchioLarry the DuckMarshall Efron[11]Home on the RangeLaunchpad McQuackTerry McGovernDuckTalesLaverneMary Wickes[22]The Hunchback of Notre DameLawrence the ValetPeter Bartlett[41]The Princess and the FrogLe FouJesse Corti[25]Beauty and the BeastLeftyNathan Greno[38]Meet the RobinsonsLe PlufmeRob PaulsenBelle's Magical WorldLewisJordan Fry[38]Meet the RobinsonsLi ShangB.D. Wong[45]MulanLil Bad WolfAndrew LawrenceThe Porker's CourtLilo PelekaiDaveigh Chase[7]Lilo & StitchLingGedde Watanabe[45]MulanThe LiquidatorJack AngelDarkwing DuckLittle JohnPhil Harris[12]Robin HoodLittle TootNoneMelody TimeLizzyTracey Miller-Zarneke[38]Meet the RobinsonsLizzy GriffthsLauren-Mote[55]Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy RescueLouieClarence NashRussi TaylorDonald's NephewsLouie the Hot Dog ManFrank Welker[50]Oliver & CompanyLouis the AlligatorMichael-Leon Wooley[41]The Princess and the FrogLucifer the CatJune Foray[16]CinderellaLucille KrunklehornLaurie Metcalf[38]Meet the RobinsonsLuckyMimi Gibson[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansLucky JackCharles Haid[11]Home on the RangeLudwig Von DrakePaul FreesAn Adventure In ColorLukePat Buttram[36]The RescuersLumièreJerry Orbach[25]Beauty and the BeastLumpy the HeffalumpKyle StangerPooh's Heffalump MovieLyleJeff FoxworthyThe Fox and the Hound 2MCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutMa BeagleJune ForayDuckTalesMad HatterEd Wynn[14]Alice in WonderlandMadame Adelaide BonfamilleHermione Baddeley[2]The AristocatsMadame MedusaGeraldine Page[36]The RescuersMadam MimMartha Wentworth[24]The Sword in the StoneMadame UpanovaTress MacNeilleFantasiaMadellaineJennifer Love Hewitt[54]The Hunchback of Notre Dame IIMaggieRoseanne Barr[11]Home on the RangeMagic CarpetNoneAladdinThe Magic MirrorMoroni Olsen[34]Snow White and the Seven DwarfsMagica De SpellJune ForayDuckTalesMahra the BaboonTress MacNeilleJungle CubsMaid MarianMonica Evans[12]Robin HoodMajor the HorseNoneCinderellaMaleficentEleanor Audley[28]Sleeping BeautyMalinaJessica Di CiccoThe Emperor's New SchoolMama OdieJenifer Lewis[41]The Princess and the FrogMan the HunterNoneBambiMarahuteFrank Welker[47]The Rescuers Down UnderMarch HareJerry Colonna[14]Alice in WonderlandMarieLiz English[2]The AristocatsMarlon the AlligatorEmeril Lagasse[41]The Princess and the FrogMary DarlingHeather Angel[42]Peter PanThe MatchmakerMiriam Margoyles[45]MulanMauriceRex Everhart[25]Beauty and the BeastMax GoofDana Hill Jason MarsdenGoof TroopMax HareNed Norton[56]The Tortoise and the HareMax the SheepdogFrank Welker[5]The Little MermaidMaximusNoneTangledMay DuckNoneHouse of MouseMechaniclesCharlie AdlerAladdin TV seriesMeekoJohn Kassir[35]PocahontasMegabyte BeagleFrank WelkerDuckTalesMegaraSusan Egan[13]HerculesMegavoltDan CastellanetaDarkwing DuckMelodyTara StrongThe Little Mermaid II: Return to the SeaMelindaNoneFantasiaMelpomeneCheryl Freeman[13]HerculesMelvinFred Willard[1]Chicken LittleMenaCree SummerBambi IIMerlinKarl Swenson[24]The Sword in the StoneMerlock the MagicianChristopher LloydDuckTalesMerryweatherBarbara Luddy[28]Sleeping BeautyMichael DarlingTommy Luske[42]Peter PanMickey MouseWalt DisneyJimmy MacDonaldWayne AllwineBret IwanSteamboat WillyMike the MicrophoneRod RoddyHouse of MouseMildredAngela Bassett[38]Meet the RobinsonsMilo ThatchMichael J. Fox[26]Atlantis: The Lost EmpireMindyKari Wahlgren[6]BoltMinnie MouseWalt DisneyMarcellite GarnerPlane CrazyMirageBebe NeuwirthAladdinMiranda WrightKarla DeVitoBonkers'Miss BiancaEva Gabor[36]The RescuersMiss KittyMelissa Manchester[33]The Great Mouse DetectiveMiss NettleMegan MullallySofia the FirstMiss StrichCatherine Disher[57]Babar and the Adventures of BadouMittensSusie Essman[6]BoltMoleyColin Campbell[19]The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadMonsieur D'ArqueTony Jay[25]Beauty and the BeastMonstroThurl RavenscroftPinocchioMonterey JackJim CummingsChip 'n Dale Rescue RangersMoochBill Fagerbakke[18]Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's AdventureMorcupine PorcupineMark Dindal[1]Chicken LittleMorganaPat CarrollThe Little Mermaid II: Return to the SeaMorgana McCawberKath SoucieDarkwing DuckMorphDane A. 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Pat O'Malley[12]Robin HoodOwlHal Smith[46]Winnie the Pooh and the Honey TreeCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutPachaJohn Goodman[40]The Emperor's New GroovePain and PanicBobcat Goldthwait[13]Matt Frewer[13]HerculesPanchito PistolesJoaquin Garay[21]Carlos AlazraquiThe Three CaballerosPascalFrank WelkerTangledPatchMickey Maga[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansPearl GesnerCarole Cook[11]Home on the RangePegPeggy Lee[27]Lady and the TrampPeg PeteApril WinchellGoof TroopPegasusFrank WelkerHerculesPenny's MomGrey DeLisle[6]BoltPennySandra Abbott[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansPennyMichelle Stacy[36]The RescuersPennyMiley Cyrus[6]BoltPepper Ann PearsonKathleen WilhoitePepper AnnPeppo the Italian CatVito Scotti[2]The AristocatsPercival C. McLeachGeorge C. Scott[47]The Rescuers Down UnderPercyDanny Mann[35]PocahontasPerditaCate Bauer[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansPeriwinkleLucy Hale[59]Secret of the WingsPeteBilly BletcherJim CummingsAlice Solves the PuzzlePete JuniorRob PaulsenGoof TroopPeter PanBobby Driscoll[42]Peter PanPeter PigPinto ColvigThe Wise Little HenThe Phantom BlotFrank WelkerJohn O'HurleyDuckTalesPhiloctetesDanny DeVito[13]HerculesPhilippe the HorseHal Smith[25]Beauty and the BeastPigletJohn Fiedler[46]Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery DayPinocchioDickie Jones[37]PinocchioPipJeff BennettKevin LimaEnchantedPistol PeteNancy CartwrightGoof TroopPlioAlfre Woodard[10]DinosaurPlutoPinto ColvigThe Chain GangPocahontasIrene BedardJudy Kuhn[35]PocahontasPoe De SpellTerry McGovernFrank WelkerDuckTalesPom-PomFrank WelkerCinderella II: Dreams Come TruePongoRod Taylor[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansPowerlineTevin CampbellA Goofy MoviePractical PigPinto ColvigThree Little PigsPreston B. WhitmoreJohn Mahoney[26]Atlantis: The Lost EmpirePrinceHarry Stockwell[34]Snow White and the Seven DwarfsPrince CharmingWilliam Phipps[16]CinderellaPrince EdwardJames MarsdenEnchantedPrince EricChristopher Daniel Barnes[5]The Little MermaidPrince HansSantino FontanaFrozenPrince JamesZach CallisonSofia the FirstPrince JohnPeter Ustinov[12]Robin HoodPrince NaveenBruno Campos[41]The Princess and the FrogPrince PhillipBill Shirley[28]Sleeping BeautyPrincessQueenie Leonard[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansPrincess AmberDarcy Rose ByrnesSofia the FirstPrincess EilonwySusan Sheridan[48]The Black CauldronPrincess JasmineLinda LarkinLea Salonga[4]AladdinPrincess KidagakashCree Summer[26]Atlantis: The Lost EmpirePrincipal MazurWallace ShawnA Goofy MoviePrissy the ElephantSarah Selby[43]DumboProfessor Norton NimnulJim CummingsChip 'n Dale Rescue RangersProfessor RatiganVincent Price[33]The Great Mouse DetectivePrudenceHolland TaylorCinderella II: Dreams Come TruePsycho the WeaselCharles Fleischer[30]Who Framed Roger RabbitPumbaaErnie Sabella[58]The Lion KingQCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutQuackerjackMichael BellDarkwing DuckQuasimodoTom Hulce[22]The Hunchback of Notre DameQueenKari WahlgrenTangled Ever AfterQueen AthenaLorelei Hill ButtersThe Little Mermaid: Ariel's BeginningQueen ClarionAnjelica HustonDisney FairiesQueen GrimhildeLucille La Verne[34]Snow White and the Seven DwarfsQueen LeahBarbara DiriksonSleeping BeautyQueen MirandaSara RamirezSofia the FirstQueen MousetoriaEve Brenner[33]The Great Mouse DetectiveQueen NarissaSusan SarandonEnchantedThe Queen of HeartsVerna Felton[14]Alice in WonderlandQuintCorey BurtonTimon and PumbaaRCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutRabbitJunius Matthews[46]Winnie the Pooh and the Honey TreeRachelNoneFantasia 2000RafikiRobert Guillaume[58]The Lion KingRajahFrank WelkerAladdinRapunzelMandy Moore[51]TangledRattyClaud Allister[19]The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. ToadRay the FireflyJim Cummings[41]The Princess and the FrogRazoulJim Cummings[4]AladdinRedPeter Firth[47]The Rescuers Down UnderRhinoMark Walton[6]BoltRhoda DendronJennifer DarlingDarkwing DuckRicoCharles Dennis[11]Home on the RangeThe RingmasterHerman Bing[43]DumboRitaSheryl Lee Ralph[50]Oliver & CompanyRobert "Bobby" ZimmeruskiPauly ShoreA Goofy MovieRobin HoodBrian Bedford[12]Robin HoodRoger RabbitCharles Fleischer[30]Who Framed Roger RabbitRoger RadcliffeBen Wright[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansRollyBarbara Beaird[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansRonnoAnthony GhannamBambi IIRooClint Howard[46] Dori Whittaker[46]Winnie the Pooh and the Honey TreeRoquefort the MouseSterling Holloway[2]The AristocatsRoscoeTaurean Blacque[50]Oliver & CompanyThe RoseDoris Lloyd[14]Alice in WonderlandRosettaKristin ChenowethDisney FairiesRosieBonnie HuntA Bug's LifeRoxanneKellie MartinA Goofy MovieRoySkylar AstinWreck-it RalphRubyCathy Moriarty[18]Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's AdventureRufusJohn McIntire[36]The RescuersRunt of the LitterSteve Zahn[1]Chicken LittleRusty the DogG.W. 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TibbsDavid Frankham[20]One Hundred and One DalmatiansShan YuMiguel Ferrer[45]MulanShantiMae WhitmanThe Jungle Book 2Sha-ronMary GibbsMulan 2Shenzi, Banzai and EdWhoopi Goldberg[58]Cheech Marin[58]Jim Cummings[58]The Lion KingShere KhanGeorge Sanders[8]The Jungle BookSheriff of NottinghamPat Buttram[12]Robin HoodShun Gon the Chinese CatPaul Winchell[2]The AristocatsSi & AmPeggy Lee[27]Lady and the TrampSilvermistLucy LiuDisney FairiesSimbaJonathan Taylor Thomas[58]Matthew Broderick[58]The Lion KingSir EctorSebastian Cabot[24]The Sword in the StoneSir GilesClaud AllisterThe Reluctant DragonSir HissTerry-Thomas[12]Robin HoodSir KayNorman Alden[24]The Sword in the StoneSir PellinoreAlan Napier[24]The Sword in the StoneSis BunnyDana Laurita[12]Robin HoodSitkaD. B. 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Linz[23]TarzanTaurus BulbaTim CurryDarkwing DuckTed BetterheadDiedrich BaderThe Country BearsTerenceJesse McCartneyDisney FairiesTerkRosie O'Donnell[23]TarzanTerpsichoreLaChanze[13]HerculesThaliaRoz Ryan[13]HerculesThomasChristian Bale[35]PocahontasThomas O'MalleyPhil Harris[2]The AristocatsThugRandy Savage[6]BoltThumperPeter Behn[32]Sam Edwards[32]BambiThumper's MotherMargaret Lee[32]BambiTianaAnika Noni Rose[41]The Princess and the FrogTiger LilyCree SummerPeter PanTiggerPaul Winchell[46]Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery DayTillie TigerAlyce Ardell[52]Silly SymphoniesTimonNathan Lane[58]The Lion KingTimon's MotherJulie KavnerThe Lion King 1½Timothy Q. 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Pat O'Malley[14]Alice in WonderlandTwo FingersPaul Briggs[41]The Princess and the FrogUCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutUncle ArtAdam West[38]Meet the RobinsonsUncle MaxJerry StillerThe Lion King 1½Uncle WaldoBill Thompson[2]The AristocatsUrlNoneDinosaurUrsulaPat Carroll[5]The Little MermaidVCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutVanellope von SchweetzSarah SilvermanWreck-It RalphVanessa (The Little Mermaid)Pat Carroll,[5]Jodi BensonThe Little MermaidVeteran CatDiedrich Bader[6]BoltVictorCharles Kimbrough[22]The Hunchback of Notre DameVidiaPamela AdlonDisney FairiesVincenzo "Vinny" SantoriniDon Novello[26]Atlantis: The Lost EmpireVitaniLacey Chabert Jennifer LienThe Lion King II: Simba's PrideVixeySandy Duncan[15]The Fox and the HoundVladimir Goudenov GrizzlikofRon FeinbergDarkwing DuckVulture PoliceTownsend ColemanBrian CummingsTimon and PumbaaWCharacterOriginal voice actorAnimated debutWafflesFrank WelkerGoof TroopThe WalrusJ. 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