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To calculate the number of kilowatts needed to heat 170m2, you will need to consider the size of the space, the insulation, and the climate. The calculations will vary depending on the specifics of each situation, but the following steps can be used as a general guide:

  • Calculate the wattage of the heater you are using (this is usually listed on the heater's label). Multiply this wattage by the area of the space (170m2 in this case) to get the total wattage required.
  • Divide the total wattage by 1,000 to convert it to kilowatts. This is the number of kilowatts you need to heat the 170m2 space.

For example, if you are using a heater with a wattage of 1,200, then you will need 204 kilowatts (1,200 x 170m2 / 1,000) to heat the space. However, this number is only an estimate and you may need more or less wattage depending on the specific details of your space and climate.

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Q: How many kilowatts needed to heat 170m2?
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