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Bern (Berne)

How many km is Zagreb to Bern?

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How many km is zagreb to sarajevo?

Around 290 km from Zagreb to Sarajevo

How many km is Zagreb to mARIBOR?

113 km

How many km zagreb to dubrovnik?

631 km

How many km is Zagreb Graz?

Distance between Zagreb (Croatia) and Graz (Austria) is 184 km.

How many km from rab to zagreb?

ca 300 km

How many km is zagreb to slovenjgradec?

About 172.5km by road to Slovenj Gradec from Zagreb.

How many km is Zagreb to Ljubljana?


How many kilometers is Rijeka from Zagreb?

154 km

How many km is Zagreb to Pula?


How many km from ljubljana to zagreb?

87 miles

How many kilometers is from zagreb to Opatija?

Distance between Zagreb (Croatia) and Opatija (Croatia) is 169 km.

What is the approximate distance from bern to chisinau?

what is the approximate distance from Bern to Chisinau

What capital city is about 75 miles northwest of bern Switzerland?

There is no such place. 75 miles (120 Km) northwest of Bern is near Vesoul in France. Paris is the capital of France, but Paris is approximately 438 Km from Bern.

Driving distance from Frankfurt to Bern?

427 km

Distance by road London from Zagreb?

1550-1600 km.

What is the distance of bern from Paris in Kilometers by car?

571 km

How far is zagreb to split?

It is exactly 380 km on motorway between Zagreb and Split. It takes 3-4 hours of driving.

How many km is Zagreb to Kakanj?

328.87 km by road to Kakanj, Lazarevac.The route is:Take E70 (A3 SL. BROD), from Zagreb, to E73 (D7) SARAJEVO (BH) @ the Velica Kopanica interchange.Take E73 (D7 in HR, then M17 in BH) to Kakanj.

What route would you take from Paris to bern?

Paris to Bern 5 h 57 min (569.1 km) via A6.

What is the distance between bern and Milan?

130 miles / 209 km

How many kilometers from zagreb to trieste how many kilometers ffrom zagreb to trieste in Italy?

250 kilometers

How many languages are spoken in Bern?

Bern is in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

How many people live in Bern?

The population of Bern on 31 December 2011 was 125,681.

How many hours from zurich to bern?

It takes 1 hour from Zürich to Bern by train.

How far is it from Switzerland and Canada?

The distance from Ottawa to Bern (Switzerland's Capital) is 6090 km or 3784 miles

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