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How many km is one likely to get out of an early 90s Toyota 4wd pu 4-cylinder or 6cyl?


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if it was looked after well and all oil changes were done on time you could easy get 600k out of a 4cyl and more from a 6cyl. Toyota cars and trucks even more are work animals they do not like to die. 1.5 liter engine i have seen 449k and still working like new.

No other car can u take a chance on an older one like a Toyota. i love the design of some of the North American cars but they simply do not measure up when it comes to quality. statisticly speaking your chances are so much higher with a Toyota. I would never buy another NA car unless i know i can buy another one in 3 or 4 years and i don't mind loosing a huge chunk of change.


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