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there is one lake in the savanna grass lands

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Differences between savanna grasslands?

Grasslands don't have trees and the Savanna does.

How is savanna?


Does the savanna grasslands have tall grass?

Yes, savanna grasslands have tall grasses but there are also areas with trees and shrubs.

What are the grasslands south of Egypt?

it is a savanna

What are landforms in the African savanna?


What is another name for a savanna?


What is a good slogan for visiting the savanna grasslands?

come to the savanna and you'll get a bannana

Who is the top predator in the grasslands of the savanna?

If you were asking about the African savanna, it would be the Lion.

What 2 kinds of grassland biomes?

Tropical Grasslands (or Savanna) and Temperate Grasslands

What name is given to the great grasslands of Africa?

The great grasslands of Africa is the savanna.

How much sleet does the grasslands get per year?

The African savanna grasslands get no sleet.

What is another names for a savanna?

Tropical Grasslands

What do you call the grasslands found in Africa?


Is savanna a grass land?

The savannas are grasslands.

What makes a savanna unique?

The savanna has the largest animal population out of all of the types of grasslands.

How do you use the word savanna in a sentence?

Lions live mainly on the savanna, the grasslands of Africa.

What is the location of the savanna grasslands?

It depends on where you want it to be. most grasslands come from Africa though

What is the ecosystem of the cheetah?

Cheetahs prefer semi-arid grasslands such as the savanna.

What effect have humans had on the savanna grasslands?

hunting, hunting animals in the savanna grassland kills the population

Is tropical grasslands the savanna?

Savannas are grasslands and they are tropical so yes they could be the same thing.

An area with trees scattered in grasslands is referred to as?

A savanna.

What is another name for tropical grasslands?

tropical savanna

What is an African lion's biome?

grasslands,savanna, and plains

What are 3 types of grasslands?

Praries, steppe,savanna

Is savanna a grassland?

savannas and grasslands are the same things

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