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Girl, you are asking for disaster! You display all the symptoms of Anorexia or Bulimia. These are serious diseases. If you continue to take laxatives then you will have major bowel problems that can lead to cancer later down the road. Be smart, start eating right, go to Weight Watchers if you want to lose weight and learn to eat right and nix the laxatives! Live or die girl! If you think I'm not telling the truth then just go onto and find out. Also you might pay more attention to celebrities both male and female that are tired of hiding behind diets and are coming out admitting they have a problem with Anorexia or Bulimia and many are over-coming it so you can too.

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Are there any natural laxatives?

Their are many natural laxatives. Some of them are high fiber foods, water, bacterial friendly food, exercise, simulating agents and many more. One should see a doctor for treatments according to the pain and the severity of it.

What do laxatives do to you?

A laxative works to speed up the removal of undigested material from your large intestine and colon. It hastens the removal of undigested food that your body was eventually going to defecate. Too many laxatives can mess up your digestive system, so laxatives should be taken as a last resort.

Which types of food on the food pyramid should be eaten in very limited amounts?

You should not eat too many sugars, saturated fats, trans fats, or artificial chemicals. These should be watched and should be eaten along with healthy choices such as fruits and vegetables.

How many calories in laxatives?

It depends on the type. Generally the answer is none. But occasionally laxatives come in food forms. Like as part of a candy bar. In this case they may have some calories.

How are a food web and a food chain different and alike?

A food web consists of many food chains. A food chain only follows one path as animals find food. For example A hawk eats a snake, which has eaten a frog, which has eaten a grasshopper, which has eaten grass. A food web shows many different paths.

Why should McDonald's expand its menu?

The food sold by McDonald's is regarded by many to be very bad for your health if eaten too often - if this is the case perhaps it should make its food more healthy.

What is the food chain in the Sahara Desert?

There are many food chains and the animals are eaten by other things its life... But, here is one suggestion: Date Palm eaten by: a Jerboa eaten by: a Sand Fox

What is the most eaten food in Australia?

Australia has many favourite foods, and it is difficult to discern which is the most eaten. Lamb and chicken are very popular.It is guaranteed, however, that the most eaten food is not kangaroo.

How many laxatives should you take per day to lose weight?

None - laxatives are a dangerous method for attempting weight loss. Cut your caloric intake, increase your caloric burn, or a combination of the two.

Where can one purchase laxatives to lose weight online?

There are many places that one can purchase laxatives online. These include general vendors such as Amazon, as well as health and drug sites such as MediSave. However, one should understand that there can be health risks in taking laxatives for weight loss purposes, and should consult with a medical professional before doing so.

Fruits that cannot be eaten?

Fruits are parts of plants and there are many that should not be eaten. Fruit from poisonous plants should never be consumed.

What happens in a food chain?

A food chain is simply who eats what, and then what is that eaten by. You must consider what is normal and common, because there are always anomalies. There are many variations on a normal food chain. Here is one example: Plankton are eaten by krill, which are eaten by penguins, which are eaten by seals, which are eaten by killer whales. Plankton are at the bottom of this chain and killer whales are at the top.

French food eaten in 1800?

One of many is French Fries

How many species of tiger are left in india?

which food is eaten by tiger

Most preferred cuisines in the world?

Just by the numbers, the answer is Chinese food! Chinese food is eaten by most of those many, many millions of Chinese people. And it is eaten by ALL the Jewish people of NY.

Why cooking in food is necessary?

In some cases, with vegetables and fruits, it isn't always necessary to cook the food, as many of them can be eaten raw. Meats should be cooked to kill any bacteria and help prevent food borne illness.

How many laxatives do bulimics take each day?

It depends on the person, some might not take any laxatives, and some might take way too many.

How many styles of eating in India?

There are many styles of eating in India. The different types of food are eaten with different styles. Like Chapatti is eaten with hand. Rice could be eaten with hand or spoon. Pizza with hand or fork and knife. Noodles with fork. The different the food is, the different the style is.

What is swedens's national food?

Pickled herring is a very common traditional food, although many Swedes don't like it. It's eaten at pretty much all holidays. Potatoes are eaten in many forms, daily by many, but are of course not a dish in itself.

Can yeast be eaten?

yes, because it is one of the ingredients of food and many other products

How many grains should be eaten during a healthy breakfast?


How many servings of the protein group should be eaten a day?


What foods are eaten in Chile?

There are many types of food eaten in Chile. These foods include seafood, lamb, chicken, fruits, vegetables, rice, and potatoes.

What information does the food guide pyramid provide?

the food guide pyramid classifies foods into six groups. It also indicates how many servings from each group should be eaten every day to maintain a healthy diet.

How many calories can you poop?

Once food has reached that point, all of the calories have been absorbed. You don't get rid of the calories when you use the bathroom (be it naturally or by using laxatives).

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