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Q: How many legs do echinoderms have?
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Related questions

What body part arthropods have that echinoderms do not have?


How are echinoderms unique?

They have more than four legs.

Are there any animals with an odd number of legs?

Starfishes, sea urchins and other echinoderms

How many arms do echinoderms have?


How can echinoderms survive without a head?

Echinoderms have all the same organs as are normally found concentrated in the head only they have them scattered. So what if their eyes are on their legs if they still see. It is the seeing that is important, not the location of the eyes.

How many germ layers does an echinoderms have?


Are echinoderms unicellular?

No Echinoderms are Multicellular.

What are predators of echinoderms?

Many organisms, such as Crabs, sharks, sea birds and larger starfish, make a living by feeding on echinoderms.

How many body openings do echinoderms have?


How do you know if echinoderms are autotrophic?

Are echinoderms autotrophic

Do echinoderms hibernate or migrate?

Echinoderms migrate

What kingdom are echinoderms in?

Echinoderms are in the Animalia kingdom.

What echinoderms habitats?

The echinoderms habitat is in the Ocean

Ecological relationship of echinoderms to other organisms?


What are five things echinoderms have in common?

They are all echinoderms.

Do echinoderms have swim bladders?

Echinoderms have no swim bladders.

What is radial symmetry of echinoderms?

Radial symmetry is the arrangement of equal parts (legs, spines, etc.) in a balanced way around a central body.

What are the animals that are invertebrates without jointed legs?

These animals are not like Arthropods and they are: Sponges Molluscs Flatworms Round Worms Echinoderms Cnidarians Annelids

Do echinoderms live in freshwater?

No, no Echinoderms live in freshwater (or on land).

Do all echinoderms have endoskeletons?

Yes, all echinoderms have endoskeletons.

Do Echinoderms have backbone?

No not all Echinoderms have backbones like the starfish

Do echinoderms reproduce sexually?

Echinoderms reproduce sexually and asexually.

What is the scientific name for Echinoderms?

The scientific name for Echinoderms is Echinodermata.

Is a butterfly a echinoderm?

Yes, butterflies and echinoderms.

Do echinoderms have a digestive system?

yes, echinoderms have a digestive system.

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