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How many legs does a horse have?

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He has 4 legs.

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How many legs does a horse have horse have?


How many legs did a horse have back then?

Four legs. Horses have always had four legs.

How many knees does a horse have?

A horse has two knees, they are on the front legs.

How many legs did odins horse have?


How many legs do a horse and a girl on it have?


How many legs does a horse stand on?

Horses use all four legs.

How many legs does a horse-fly have?

A horse fly has approximately 6 legs on their body. Horse flies are larger than other species of flies.

What word has the definition back legs of a horse?

The back legs of a horse is called its hind legs.

How many legs does a sea horse have?

sea horses don't have legs. they only got on tail.

Is a horse a quadraped?

No. A quadraped has four legs. A horse has SIX legs. Two legs in the back, and fore legs in the front.

how many legs do 28 horses have?

28 horses multiplied by 4 legs each horse equal 112 legs 28 * 4 = 112

How many legs of the grasshoper?

well think a grasshoper has a 6 legs, the centipede has 100 legs ,the elephant has a 4 legs, and the horse has a 4 legs, the spider has a 8 legs

How many legs did Odins horse Sleipnir possess?


How many horses have 25 legs and heads?

A horse has 4 legs and 1 head. That is that 1 horse represents 5 of 25 legs and heads.So we can say that there are 5 horses (25÷5).

How many legs did Odins magical horse sleipnir have?


Farmer Ed has 500 cattle in the pasture when he rides his horse into the pasture to sort the cattle how many legs in the pasture?

There would be a total of 2006 legs in the pasture. There are 500 cows with four legs each which is 2000. The horse has four legs and the farmer has two legs. This makes a total of 2006 legs.

What is a horse with no legs or head?

a dead horse

If there are 3 dogs 2 cats an 1 horse how many legs are there?


How many hocks does a horse have?

the two back legs are the hocks so the answer 2

What is a horse with 8 legs called?

an ocata horse

What is an eight legged horse?

An eight legged horse is classified as half spider and half horse. that means that the horse has four of it's own legs and four spider legs !

What is the breed of horse that is mainly brown but has black legs and tail?

This color is bay, and just about every breed of horse can be bay. Many horse breeds can be this colour

Does a horse fly have legs?


What another word for stiff legs on a horse?

stiff legs.

Do the back legs of a horse make them run fast?

in a way. the back legs support the horse and boost him off the ground to run. So yes. If the horse did not have back legs he would not be able to run.