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for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains suppliesUsing W=V*A, you can figure 120volts*15amps = 1800 watts. Typically you want to use around 80 percent of your capacity, so you are left with 1440 watts.

You'd have to check the listing on your fan, but assume it uses around 400 watts at the very most. Your light fixtures will depend on the wattage of bulb you are using, so figure you can run 10 100 watt light fixtures in addition to your fan.

As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

In Canada there shall be not more that 12 outlets on any 2 wire branch circuit. Such outlets shall be considered to be rated at not more that 1 amp per outlet. Where the connected load is known, the number of outlets may exceed 12 providing the load current does not exceed 80 % of the rating of the over current device protecting the circuit.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized




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Q: How many light fixtures can you run off of one 15A breaker when including a ceiling fan with no light?
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What is the function of recessed light fixture?

Recessed lighting is used to keep the ceiling aesthetically unbroken. When fixtures are fixed to the ceiling some architects to not like this as it distracts the viewer from the look of the room. By installing the fixtures in the ceiling, the view is of light emitting from the ceiling without seeing the lighting fixtures.

How is false ceiling installed?

dummy ceiling made to fix suitable light fixtures & hide electrical wiring .

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Ceiling light fixture bulb wattage?

For safety most fixtures have that info printed on them. Check.

What is the thickness of a false ceiling?

around 8 inches with 4 inch groove for light fixtures

What is hard wired?

Hard wired is where something (Like most ceiling light fixtures) are wired directly to the circuit breaker panel. This is apposed to something like a lamp or a vacuum that uses a plug going in to a wall outlet.

What is the standard distance for hanging light fixtures from 8' ceilings?

Most of the time a fixture will be flush or as close to the ceiling as possible in a 8' ceiling.

How do you covert 277 light fixtures to 110 light fixtures?

You need to rewire to a lower voltage at panel or get a transformer that steps down 277 to 110 volts. Make sure wire is sized for new load as well as breaker.

Which kind of fixture directs most of its light up reflect off of the ceiling?

These types of light fixtures are called wall a sconce. In is located on a wall usually about 3 foot from the ceiling. The open end of the fixture is facing upwards. This allows the light to reflect off the ceiling and give a more filtered light to objects in the surrounding area in the room.

Where can I buy fluorescent light fixtures?

Fluorescent light fixtures can be purchases at a wide variety of outlets, including your local office supply, electronics stores, and numerous venues online. Amazon offers very competitive prices for office lighting fixtures.

Why are protective shields placed on light fixtures?

So that the light fixtures are protected.

What is ceiling light?

A light that is mounted on the ceiling.

How do you change light bulbs in flush mounted ceiling fixtures with no center screw?

the fixture should either have side mounted screws or should twist off

Does Home Depot sell outdoor ceiling fans?

Yes, Home Depot does sell a large variety of outdoor ceiling fans. Many of them also have light fixtures attached to them like indoor ceiling fans. Outdoor ceiling fans are a great way to make your porch or patio a comfortable place to relax.

How do you install 5 ceiling light fixtures - in 1978 our contractor did not advise us as to how to install new ceiling lights?

The short answer is wire color to color. black to black, white to white, green or bare to green of bare.

What steps should be followed when replacing ceiling lighting?

First one should locate the ceiling breaker and turn it off. Then remove the light bulb and other fixtures. Figure out how the fixture is attached. Remove the screws, Gently pull the fixture down and reveal the insulated wires. Write down what and which the wires are connected to, Unscrew the wire nuts and the ground wire screw. Separate the wires and leave the junction box alone. Make sure the wires are stripped about a half an inch. Connect the new fixtures wire the same way as the old wires were connected. Make sure there are no exposed wires. Fold all wires back gently into the junction box. Turn on the circuit breaker for that light to test that it works properly.

How do roaches get into light fixtures?

Roaches are small and light fixtures can have holes up to 1/4" that the roaches can crawl in.

Don't burn bulb base up?

Unavoidable in certain situations. Light fixtures are sometimes mounted in the ceiling - the bulb must then be mounted base up or base horizontal.

What is a chandelier on Astro Knights Island?

Chandeliers are light fixtures dangling from the ceiling. There are two large ceiling fixtures that hold candles in Mordred's castle, one on each side of the platform. To reach them, climb onto the robot and jump to the platform, then to a fixture. Dodge any laser shots. When you jump onto one, he shoots at it and brings it crashing down on himself. You have to get him to shoot both of them.

How do you know if a switch has a circuit breaker?

All circuits including those with switches will have a breaker protecting the circuit. To find, turn on the light controlled by the switch and then turn off breakers one-by-one until light goes out.

How To Choose Recessed Lighting Fixtures?

Every living area needs lighting. Indoors or outdoors, lighting sets the mood for a living space. There are many types of lighting fixtures that can be used to illuminate an area; one type is recessed lighting fixtures. Recessed lighting fixtures are installed in a hole in the ceiling. The main housing part of the lamp is in the ceiling and is not visible; only the outer trim can be seen. Recessed lights can provide a narrow beam of light like a spotlight. They can also produce a broader beam of light like a floodlight. When choosing recessed lighting fixtures for your home, you need to keep you lighting needs in mind. Do you need to illuminate a large area? If so, a recessed light that provides a broader beam will meet your needs. If you're using the light to highlight a particular area in the room, a fixture with a more narrow beam is preferable. Style is an important consideration, too. Even though the main body of a recessed lighting fixture is hidden away in the ceiling, the outer trim and the bulb are visible to the onlooker. Recessed lights do come in an assortment of colors (usually black, white, or silver) and styles. Some fixtures are flush with the ceiling;others are recessed futher into it. Recessed lighting fixtures are usually fixed in place, but some are adjustable so you can direct the light where you want it. And though most are round, some recessed lighting fixtures come in other shapes such as an octagon. Recessed lighting fixtures use a variety of bulbs, too. Some use incandescent bulbs, some use flurorescent bulbs, and some use halogen bulbs. What type of bulb a fixture uses will affect energy efficiency and the type of light they provide. Lighting is an important consideration when designing a living space. Though there are many types of lighting fixtures available to a property owner, recessed lighting fixtures are a practical and stylish way to add light to any living area.

Can you attach ordinary light fixtures to track lighting?

It is possible to attach ordinary light fixtures to track lighting with some easy modifications.

Can you get ceiling fans with regular light bulbs?

Probably not without a lot of hunting. The manufactures of ceiling fans have begun selling the candelabra type bulb that will become mandatory. Why is it mandatory? Don't know! It seems to burn hotter and give fewer lumens per watt than the old standards. If you are replacing old ceiling fans with new, the original fixtures can be detached when you take down the old fans. They will fit onto the new fans, which will allow you to keep the old fixtures.

What types of light fixtures are good for bathrooms?

The best light fixture for bathrooms is probably one that is fixed to the ceiling, with a plastic or glass casing over it. This is to keep from possible steam from a hot shower or bath from collecting on the bulb, or any liquid period.