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Animal testing is not okay. Thousands upon thousand of animals a year are subjected to poisoning, injury, and cruel conditions for the sake of animal testing. There are plenty of more humane ways to go about testing products.

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Q: How many like animal testing how many don't like animal testing?
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Where can you find animal testing graphs?

Animal testing graphs on how many die and get injured go to ..... not graphs but figure which will help....

How can animal testing affect humans?

There have been many medical advances when it comes to animal testing including aspirin testing and such.

How many lives are saved by animal testing a year?

millions of lives are saved by animal testing

How many people vote for Animal Testing?

people don't vote for animal testing, the government do.

When did animal testing change?

Animal testing constantly changes. It is closely regulated in many countries.

Is animal testing bad for the animal?

It depends what they are doing to the animal like giving it drugs. Alternate answer: In many if not most cases, yes, animal testing is bad for the animal. As a matter of fact, most animals used for testing purposes are euthanized (killed) either during or after they are experimented on or tested.

How many people disagree with animal testing?

There are a lot of people who disagree with animal testing. The exact number is not known. The subject of animal testing is highly debated.

Why did people invent animal testing?

They invented animal testing to test products but this is mean it should not exist its cruel and it kills many animals like dog, cat and others

How many animals are there in animal testing?

There are hundreds of thousands of animals in animal testing. Many are primates like chimps, gorillas, and orangutans, but there are also mice, dogs, and horses going through this cruel process.

How many animals get hurt during animal testing?

It is not known how many animals get hurt during animal testing. Not all facilities that use animal testing make it public, Millions of animals are hurt world wide each year due to animal testing.

Where in the world does animal testing take place?

Animal testing takes place all over the world in many countries although many have bans on testing for cosmetics

How many jobs are there in animal testing?


How many people are against animal testing?

Alot of people are against animal testing, but then again alot of people are for it.....

How many people work with animal testing?

roughly 4.5 million people work in the animal testing industry

How many animal babies are deformed due to animal testing?


Cons of Animal Testing Debate?

Animal testing has saved many lifes. Yea it may not be the best thing out there, but it saved my mothers life, and i would like the animals would tested the drug.

What is the befits of animal testing?

Many people argue that the wonderful gift of medicine wouldn't be here without the help of animal testing, however some people are asking for animal testing to be banned, because of how many die from it.

How many people think it is unfair to test on animal?

there are people all over the world who think animal testing is unfair animals are just like humans there are people all over the world who think animal testing is unfair animals are just like humans

What is scientific animal testing testing for?

Everything. Without animal testing certain products, materials, and medications would have to be tested on humans. Many people don't realize that animal testing has the biggest part in the medical field. Without animal testing you would not have basic antibiotics that you get from your doctor.

How many animals die from animal testing?

More than a million animals die every year from animal testing.

How many cats are killed each year by animal testing?

In 2000, around 25,500 cats were killed from animal testing.

Do animal testing organizations protest violently?

Yes, Many animal testing organisations protest violently to get the point across

How many petitions are there for animal testing?

there is no exact number but iimagine millions. petitions are to get the word across to the government or the people doing the testing that animal testing is a big no!

Does it hurt the animal when tested on?

Generally, yes, animals are injured or killed while undergoing animal testing. That is why animal testing is vehemently opposed by many.

What is the most commonly used animal in animal testing?

many small animals such as: rabbits, mice, rats. it really depends on what they are testing.