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Q: How many lines of macro code an excel sheet accept?
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How do you activate a macro in an excel sheet when a cell equals a predefine value?

Use the control Worksheet_Change. See related links for a sample macro that will trigger a macro when the cell changes. Modify, as needed, to fit your specific situation.

How do you make a result sheet in Excel?

how to create a excel sheet

What is the full form of PFA in Excel sheet?

Pfa the excel sheet

What is the formula to copy data from one sheet and to put it in another sheet in Excel?

There is no automatic forumla to copy and paste in excel, unless you write a custom macro. You could use a formula in sheet1 to show the value of a cell on sheet1, like this: In sheet1 put =sheet1!A1

How many lines in an Excel sheet?

Are you talking about No. of rows in a Excel sheet? If Yes then you can see it yourself by following command: Ctrl+Down Arrow - display total no. of rows. Ctrl+Forward Arrow - display total no. of columns.

What do you mean by Excel sheet?

A new excel document. In Microsoft excel there is a new page button like in word. Click that to get a new excel sheet. It is effectively a page in excel.

Is a Excel work sheet the same as a spread sheet?

Yes. In Excel, a spreadsheet is called a worksheet.

I just want my users to be able to hit a macro button instead of a shortcut key so how can I create a macro button in Excel 2003 without having to buy separate software?

Draw a button on your sheet, by going to the View menu and picking Toobars and then the Forms toolbar and drawing your button. It will immediately ask you to connect a macro to it and then you can choose your macro. Then when the button is clicked the macro will run.

How do you make a cover sheet in excel?

Add a sheet

What is the difference between Excel sheet and spread sheet?

They are the same thing, excel is Microsoft's spreadsheet programme.

How is a sheet made active on excel 2007?

Select the sheet.

How do you calculate Microsoft Excel sheet Debt-Service Coverage Ratio - DSCR?

Calculating DSCR in Excel sheet

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