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Assuming all the sides are identical and symmetrical, 16. One through each side and one between each two sides.

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How many lines of symmetry does a original 9 sided shape have

There are 3 lines of symmetry ina 6-sided shape.

A regular 24 sided polygon has 24 lines of symmetry.

A 15 sided polygon has 15 lines of symmetry;) Thanks for asking:)

How many diagonal lines does a 1million sided shape have

A regular Undegon (11 sided polygon) has 11 lines of symmetry. It also has an order of rotation symmetry of 11.

A regular 6 sided hexagon has 6 lines of symmetry

It can certainly have 0, 1, 2 or 6 lines of symmetry.

10 lines. Regular polygon of "x" sides has "x" Lines of Symmetry

I think that it can have 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 or 18 lines of symmetry.

However many sides it has (normally six). sometimes special ones about 4-8

It can have 1 or 6. Not sure about 3.

If all the sides are unequal, then none.

The number of times that an image is reflected in a six sided snowflake is infinity. It is easy to construct a six sided snowflake in a PC.

An irregular 7 sided heptagon normally has no lines of symmetry depending how it is constructed.

Just one - since it's an odd-sided shape.

That will depend on whether or not it is a regular or an irregular 17 sided polygon.

It depends on the shape. It could have none, or up to 24.

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