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How many links are in the 10 yard football chain?


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2007-07-26 22:08:09
2007-07-26 22:08:09

Each link in the chain is 1 1/2 inches in length. That makes 8 links per foot of chain, 24 links per yard and 240 links per 10 yards. Click on the 'Football Chain for Determining First Downs' link on this page to see a detailed description of a football chain used to measure first downs.


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Answer: There are 7.92 inches in a link. 36 inches in a yard divided by 7.92 equals 4.545 links in a yard.

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36 inches in a yard, football or otherwise.

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There are thirty six inches in any kind of linear yard.

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One can recycle chain link fence parts at the local scrap yard. Some local scrap yards will pay you for the chain link fence parts based on the weight of the links.

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Attach a chain to their collars, and attach the other end of the chain to a post in the center of your yard.

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