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first off a group of lions is called a pride

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Is a group of lions a herd of lions?

A group of lions is usually called a pride.

What is a herd of lions called?

A group of Lions are known as a Pride of Lions

What is a herd of sea lions called?

A herd or group of sea lions are called a colony. A group of sea lions can also be referred to as a pod.

How many lions does it take to kill an elephant?

A pride of 14 lions can and will kill an elephant when the elephant is not in a large herd.

How many lions are there in a herd?

It depends on how big the family is, it could be 5,6, or even 20.

Were ridgebacks used for rounding up lions?

No, you can't herd (round up) Lions.

Do male and female lions mate?

only the female lions ... Well there is your answer !! In the herd of lions there is one dominant male and the rest are females, the females only mate with the dominant male of the herd, hope this was helpful!

What is a sentence for lions?

lions often roam alone. lions don't like to roam in herd.

Use a pride of lions in a sentence?

In his dream he saw a pride of lions roaring and chasing a herd of deer

Does a lion live with a pack or a herd?

Neither, lions live in groups called prides.

What happened to Bruno the attacking chimp?

He was attacked by a herd of lions in 2007.

What does pride with other lions mean?

"Pride" is the word used for a group of lions, like a herd of cows or a flock of geese.

What is the name for a lion's herd?

A bunch of lions living together are called a pride.

Can you say herd for a group of lions?

No, a group of lions is called a pride. Herds are usually groups of grazing animals such as zebras or antelope.

How many moose in a herd?

as many as there is in a herd.

How do sea lions keep warm in the winter?

how do lions keep warm in winter

What do it mean to herd a sheep?

A heard is a group of animals, so to herd them is to keep them together, and when you move them, they all go together in their herd.

How do you keep lions on Minecraft?

Lions can only be found on Minecraft if Mo' Creatures Mod is used. If you would like to keep your lions, keep the Mo' Creatures Mod.

How do African lions keep warm?

the way that African lions keep warm is by its fur.the fur on a lions body keeps it warm. femal;e lions use there fur to keep their new born cubs warm.

Do lions mate with their cubs?

Yes after the cubs have grown up and been separated form the herd they may return to the herd in search of a mating partner if if its there own parents

How do you save lions?

they are shoting them keep the cattle and the lions together

What are lions afraid of?

Lions are afraid of elephants, rhinos, hyenas, and hunters. Well, they aren't scared of these but they keep an eye out for an aggressive individual, or herd that is protective of their young. Hunters kill them for no obvious reason, just to say they did, and the hunters are the only true thing lions are afraid of, and sometimes an aggressive lion isn't even afraid of the hunters.

What are the zebra's advantages?

If you're referring to the stripes then the advantage comes when the zebra is part of a herd. Since the lions see in black and white, when the zebra is in a herd it's hard to know where one animal begins and the other ends. Thus lions for example can't pick out a target.

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