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How many liquid ounces are in a pint?


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There are 16 fluid ounces to the pint (US).

There are three teaspoons (tsp.) in a tablespoon.

There are two tablespoons (tbs.) in an ounce.

There are 8 ounces (oz.) in a cup.

There are 2 cups (c.) in a pint.

There are two pints (pt.) in a quart.

There are four quarts (qt.) in a gallon (gal.).

Hence, there are 16 ounces in a pint. (A US pint, that is. A UK pint has more.)

Ounces in a Pint

Arguably, there is no unit in existence that leads to more hair-pulling confusion than the pint. There's the UK pint, the US liquid pint, and the US dry pint, further complicated by the fact there is the UK liquid ounce and the US liquid ounce, which should never be -- but frequently is -- confused with the dry ounce, which is a measure of mass and weight, not volume.

Here are some conversions for you:

1 pint [US, liquid] = 16 ounce [US, liquid]

1 pint [UK] = 20 ounce [UK, liquid]

1 pint [US, liquid] = 16.653 483 693 ounce [UK, liquid]

1 pint [UK] = 19.215 198 808 ounce [US, liquid]

1 pint [US, dry] = 18.618 355 102 ounce [US, liquid]

1 pint [US, dry] = 19.378 779 567 ounce [UK, liquid]

Note that this is for a fluid pint and fluid ounce. Dry ounces and fluid ounces are not interchangeable. Fluid ounces are a measure of volume and dry ounces are a measure of weight or mass.