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How many liters are in a gram?

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One litre of water has a mass of almost exactly one kilogram (1000 gram). So, 1 gram is equivalent to 0.001 litre. 1 litre of chemically pure water has a mass of 1 kg at 277.13 K (3.98 °C or 39.164 °F), at which point the pure water occupies the minimum volume per mass.

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Unit conversion is something that is learned while attending school. There are 0.001 liters of substance in one gram of substance.

600 milligrams. To milliliters

A gram of water is the mass of 0.001 litre (1 millilitre) of water - or pretty close to it.

This cannot be sensibly answered. Liters is a measure of volume, grams is a measure of weight or mass.

It depends on what substance you are talking about. A gram is a measurement of mass, while liters are volume.

well a gram is its own type of measurement as is liters or in your case inches>>> now u can measure the inches on an object tht ways a gram but not the actual gram itself

if 1 ltr = 1kg then 1g =0.001 ltr

The density of the 0.946 liters should be given. However, assuming fresh water at room temperature with density 1 gram/cubic cm or 1 gram/ml, then: 0.946 liters = 946 milliliters = 946 grams

16 liters of what is the question.A milliliter of water has a mass of 1 gram.16 liters = 16,000 mLSo 16 liters of water = 16,000 grams16 liters of water = 16 kg

you need to spell it right first numbnuts!

Offcurse mass is calculated in gram. Liters is the unit for volume

It is typical of oil that due to density, ikilo converts into 1.183 liters. Hope this helps Jogoro

Assuming 1 gram/mL density (pretty standard for water), 50 liters would weigh 111.6 pounds.

The question is strange, like: "How many liters are 120 volts"?

one litre equals one kg same with 1 millilitre equal a gram

The density of water is one gram per cc. There are 1000 cc in one liter.

gram = weight litre = volume no formula. not the same unit of measure. all depends on what you have a gram of or what you have a litre of... a litre of mercury will weigh many more grams than a litre of water... a gram of Mercury will occupy less of a litre then a gram of water... so there is no answer to your question. need more info.

You can't do a general conversion from liters to grams. A liter is a unit of volume, a gram is a unit of mass. For a specific substance, the relationship is: mass = volume x density

1 milliliter or 1 cubic centimeter of pure water weighs 1 gram. Forget syrup or oil. That weighs more. 1 liter is 1000 milliliters.

One gram of water takes up one cubic centimeter. One liter is equal to 1,000 cubic centimeters, so one thousand grams (of water) to one liter.

The gram is unit of mass and the litre is a unit of volume.You can dissolve 45 g in what volume you want.

the the ons can be 28 gram, of the how many? can gram be the ons

Normality is the compounds gram equivalents divided by its amount in Liters

The two cannot be directly converted - as it depends on what you measure (in regards to the mili liters part. This is because liters is a "spacial" measurement (ie. how much does space does it use) and mili gram is a weight measurement - and even though f.ex. sand and milk can both be measured in litres - 1 litre of milk would NOT weigh the same as 1 litre of sand, and thus you cannot answer this question, without knowing what item you have "one mili gram of".

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