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76l for the first fish and 38l for each additional fish so 266 litres.

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Q: How many liters of fish tank is good for six fantail goldfish?
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Related questions

What kind of goldfish should you get for your fantail goldfish?

Fantail goldfish are a hardy breed, strong swimmers and they compete well for food with the ryukin, shubunkin, comet or common goldfish; making these goldfish breeds good tank mates for your fantail goldfish.

My fantail Goldfish has been alone in good size tank now for one year I put a common Goldfish into the tank just yesterday and the fantail seems to be 'bullying' the common Goldfish What is happening?

The fantail goldfish is asserting it's dominance over the common goldfish. The fantail goldfish has already established in its mind that the whole tank is its territory and will fight any other fish that try to change that. This is normal when adding new fish to an established tank and they will usually continue to fight for a couple more days. During this time make sure to give the fish plenty of food to eat and some place for the common goldfish to hide. If they do not stop fighting after several days than I would recommend moving the common goldfish to its own separate tank of at least 20 gallons. Another reason (though not as likely) is that the common goldfish is a female and the fantail is a male. A male may chase a females rear- this is normal but if he harrasses her- remove her immediately.

What is a good temperature for a fantail goldfish tank?

between 60 and 80 degrees

What are good names for fantail goldfish?

The choosing of names is a very personal matter. How about "Flo"?

What are fantails?

The fantail goldfish is a good choice for beginners since they are very hardy and due to the fact that Fantail goldfish can be kept in temperatures close to the freezing point. Fantail goldfish are also an ideal choice if you want to keep some type of fancy goldfish in garden ponds due to the earlier mentioned reasons. Fantail Goldfish are recognized by their medium sized double/split tail fins. You can judge the breeding quality of a Fantail goldfish by looking at how far their fins are split. The tailfin of a high quality Fantail goldfish is almost completely split down to the root. You can find Fantail goldfish in a number of different coloration and with metallic, matt scale or nacreous types. Fantail goldfish doesn't grow as large as many other gold fish types and seldom reach a size of more then 16 cm / 6 inches which is small in comparison with other goldfish types such as comets goldfish that can reach over twice that length. They are best kept in cold water and a fantail goldfish aquarium tank or garden pond should be decorated with open areas for the fish to swim on as well as heavily planted areas. The bottom should be covered with a large grained substrate if you want to give any eggs that might be laid a small chance to survive with their parents. (Which is better then no chance) The fact that Fantail goldfish wants to be kept in cold water narrows down the number of (in the aquarium trade commonly available) plants that are suitable to be used in an aquarium with Fantail Goldfish. Pond plants and aquatic plants found in garden centres are often better choices. There is however a number of commonly available plants that are suitable to be kept in an aquarium tank with Fantail goldfish such as Crinum, Elodea (Egeria) and Anubias species. Java moss is another suitable plant to be used that also help give fry a chance to survive in your garden pond without extra help. Fantail goldfish should never be kept alone and always in groups. Fantail Goldfish accept most food sources and can without problem be kept on a diet of flake food and pellets as long as you make sure that the food you use contains vegetables. It is important to adjust the amount of food given to the temperature in the aquarium/pond at any given time. Fantail Goldfish is one of the easiest of the fancy goldfishes to breed. Make sure that you keep your fish well feed on a varied diet to get them in spawning condition. You will also need to lower the temperature in the pond or aquarium for a period of time to simulate seasons to get them to breed. Once the fishes have been kept in colder water for about a month or so you should slowly begin to raise the temperature and this process will trigger well feed, mature Fantail goldfish to spawn. You will have to protect the egg and fry from the parents or the parents will eat them if they get the chance. Some fry might survive and grow up in a well planted pond or aquarium. Large balls of java moss increase the chances for the young Fantail goldfish to avoid being eaten by other larger goldfish. Fantail goldfish can in other aspects be treated as the regular goldfish and we recommend that you read our articles about how to care for regular goldfish if this short article didn't answer your questions about Fantail goldfish and how to care for them.

Do goldfish eat mosquitos?

Yes they do. I fed my fantail goldfish one the of mosquitos I slapped the other day, and so far it's still swimming good.

What is a good pet fish?

Common goldfish or goldfish.

Can zebra fish live with goldfish?

No, it is not a good idea to have zebra fish living with goldfish. The zebra fish is a predatory fish and will end up attacking and eating the goldfish.

How many goldfish in 28 letre tank?

I wouldn't recommend putting more than one or two. 28 liters is not that big. Goldfish are very dirty fish and need a large tank and a good filter. Te smallest tank I would put goldfish in is 40 liters (10 Gallons). Even that is pushing it.

What kind of fish bowl is good for a goldfish?

A Goldfish bowl :)

Can you put a goldfish and a tetra fish together?

You shouldn't. Goldfish are coldwater species, and tetras are tropical. They need different temperatures. Goldfish make good pond fish or coldwater tank fish.

Can you put tropical fish in tank with goldfish?

No goldfish would prefer to have a lower temperature than any type of tropical fish, however some goldfish can withstand higher temperature if they are slowly acclimated to it! But in the long run goldfish would be happy with other goldfish and tropical fish with tropical fish... there is a reason you don't see the goldfish with the tropical fish in a good aquatic store.

Can goldfish live with bug sucker fish?

Good good

Is betta fish food good for goldfish?


What fish do good with goldfish?

rossie barbs

Can moquito fish eat goldfish pellets and tropical flakes?

Mosquito fish are not Goldfish. They are tropical livebearers. They may eat the goldfish food but it is not the right food for them and so will not be good for them.

Why do goldfish eat there baby's?

Goldfish are omnivors which means they will eat almost anything they can get into their mouths. Baby fish are a good source of protein. Most fish love to eat protein in the form of baby fish including Goldfish.

Do comet fish bite fantail fishes tail?

If you have fin nipping amongst your goldfish it usually indicates that the fish are overcrowded and could also indicate that they are not getting enough protein in their diet. The Basic rules are :- 1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water. :- Every tank needs a permanantly running cycled filter. :- Every tank needs at least 50% water changed every week. A Goldfish (comet or fantail etc) is a 10 inch fish and one fish needs a minimum of 10 gallons of water. (15 gallons is much better) If you feed your fish a bit of live food like earthworms occasionally and follow the above rules, your fish stand a good chance of a reasonable life. I can guarantee that failure to follow the above rules will result in your fish constantly having health problems.

Do goldfish make your fish tank dirtier?

Goldfish are probably the messiest fish you can own. This is why just one goldfish on it's own needs a 20 gallon tank with good filtration

Is a goldfish a good starter fish?

A goldfish can make a good starter fish, but more realistically they are just as hard to keep as any other type of fish. They get the label of being "Hardy" fish because they can tollerate poor water quality conditions for a little longer than most fish. This is the only reason why goldfish are recommended for beginners. The dangerous thing about a novice fish-owner owning a goldfish is that goldfish will constantly beg for food which often causes the owner to overfeed them resulting in the fish's death. A better fish for beginners would be a Betta fish (betta Splendid).

What kind of fish are good with goldfish?

Because goldfish prefer or do better in cooler water it is best to stay with other types of goldfish.

What fish go good with goldfish?

Only goldfish should live with goldfish with the exception of a weather loach, or a bristlenose pleco.

What fish would go along good with a goldfish?

A sucker fish or a ghost shrimp

What kind of fish makes a good pet besides goldfish?

Chromis and Butterfly Fish

What type of fish will be good for a house pet?

a small goldfish or any type of small fish

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