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If you study Narcissists they are extremely interesting. We are all chameleons in this world to a point, but the narcissist takes it to the extreme. Narcissists seem to have a knack for sizing up each individual as to how hard they can push them and when it comes to a mate they always choose the ones that are loving, kind and can be manipulated easily. This makes the victim feel they have done something wrong and haven't been strong enough and should have known better, but, in truth we are suppose to possess love and kindness. In time as we age we are much more cynical about people so it becomes easier to figure out people. We are all in a learning field and make mistakes along the way and hope to correct them. Therefore, it's not how many different lives the Narcissist has, but simply how many humans can he con! They fit into families, with their own gender and of course with the opposite sex, but one thing is for sure .... everything has it's time and sooner or later the Narcissist's true colors will come out. If you come across one stay clear because they aren't worth the skin they're in!

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Do narcissists cheat?

Yes Narcissist cheats. I have read one who satisfies their narcissistic supply with sex is called a Somatic Narcissist. My ex married one-and he is a pathological narcissist as I know I lived it-It is the most insidious emotional abuse one can encounter- A Somatic Narcissist tends to be very promiscuous-she/he disregards her marriage and have multiple affairs just to satisfy their need for narcissist supply -Admiration-power--The Somatic Narcissist will capture you - control you with their sexual seduction and when he/she has you completely in their control her true self will come out-cruel and unemotional-and when you no longer satisfy their narcissistic supply the Somatic Narcissist will leave you as quickly as he/she entered your life-and onto the next-As I understand Somatic Narcissist have many affairs --regardless married or not. Question what happens when one Narcissist marries another Narcissist-it should be interesting to watch

Do narcissists like to have more than one partner?

A true Narcissist wants as many partners as possible, IF all of them idolize the Narcissist. The above answer is correct they do want as many partners as possible. That way if one partner doesn't work out the way narcissist wants he/she has another lined up and ready to go. If you suspect you are with a narcissist-run! Do yourself a favor and get as far away from them as possible. If you ask your narcissist if there is anyone else they will lie to you so you don't leave. Be sure of it as they are all pathological liars. That is one of the many horrible traits of narcissism.

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As many times as the supply will allow him to. So STOP allowing him to.

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Can a Narcissist ever have a meaningful long-term relationship or would it have to be with another Narcissist?

I am not sure what "meaningful" means - but many narcissists have long term relationships with their sources of supply (not necessarily with other narcissists).

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Will a narcissist ever return to his former supply after she has been devaluated?

Yes. They will return for many years, to torture the devalued, if they can, especially if the narcissist is a psychopath. My ex-narcissist expressed it himself very well. He just said, "I am a very evil person, and I enjoy making people suffer." Basically he will return if he thinks he can get anything out of, sex, or a place to stay, for himself or his new girlfriend. And narcissists may alternate between vaulation and devaluation over and over, especially with people who cannot get away from him, such as blood relatives. If the person is currently useful to the narcissist, he will be valued. Once the narcissist is done, or if the person criticizes or tells the narcissist "no", they are devalued all over again.

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Sometimes. Many narcissists have deviant sexual tendencies, male & female.