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How many lives can a Narcissist manage at the same time if he travels a lot?

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February 01, 2007 9:25PM

If you study Narcissists they are extremely interesting. We are

all chameleons in this world to a point, but the Narcissist takes

it to the extreme. Narcissists seem to have a knack for sizing up

each individual as to how hard they can push them and when it comes

to a mate they always choose the ones that are loving, kind and can

be manipulated easily. This makes the victim feel they have done

something wrong and haven't been strong enough and should have

known better, but, in truth we are suppose to possess love and

kindness. In time as we age we are much more cynical about people

so it becomes easier to figure out people. We are all in a learning

field and make mistakes along the way and hope to correct them.

Therefore, it's not how many different lives the Narcissist has,

but simply how many humans can he con! They fit into families, with

their own gender and of course with the opposite sex, but one thing

is for sure .... everything has it's time and sooner or later the

Narcissist's true colors will come out. If you come across one stay

clear because they aren't worth the skin they're in!

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