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There are eight "main" islands.


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There are eight "main" islands in the State of Hawaii.

Other way around- State of Hawaii is in the water- the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is islands.

Some major highways in Hawaii are State Route 30, State Route 32, and Kahekili Highway. Other highways in the state of Hawaii are Haleakala Highway and Mokuele Highway.

The island of the state of Hawaii that is known as the big island is the Island of Hawaii. There are eight major islands in the state of Hawaii.

There are eight "main" islands in Hawaii.

Hawaii consists of eight "main" islands.There are eight "main" islands in Hawaii.

there are 132 islands in Hawaii but 8 major islands. The state flower is the Hibiscus,the state tree is the Kukui,and the state bird is the Nene

Hawaii is the 50th US state and is made up of islands. Some major bodies of water in Hawaii are Anahulu River, Salt Lake and Wailuku River.

Hawaii IS the state of Hawaii!

Major islands that comprise the US State of Hawaii are: A. Oahu B. Maui C. Moloki D. Kauai E. Kahoolawe F. Lanai G. Hawaii

Agriculture and Tourism, primarily. There is also a major service industry in this state as well.

The location of the 5 major volcanoes in the state of Hawaii:Loihi - island of HawaiiKilauea - island of HawaiiMauna Loa - island of HawaiiHualalai - island of HawaiiHaleakala - island of Maui

Hawaii has several major highways. The main highway of the state is Route 61. Other highways are Route 160, Route 11, and Akoni Pule Highway.

Hawaii is the 50th state in the USA and is a island in the Hawaii state.

Hawaii is a state. It is the 50th state admitted to the US.

how did hawaii become a state

Hawaii was the 50th state.

Hawaii is a state not a capital so could Hawaii be a capital if its already a state?

The last state made a state in the US was Hawaii

Hawaii is a state. It is comprised of several islands, the largest of which is Hawaii.

Hawaii state park is a state park you dumbo!

Hawaii, the state, is a group of islands, far out in the Pacific from the rest of the United States. Hawaii, the largest island in the state of Hawaii, is not far from the Hawaiian island nearest to it, Maui. If you are asking whether Hawaii, the state, is an isolated island, the answer is no; that state is an archipelago of eight major islands. If you are asking whether the one island that bears the name Hawaii is isolated from the rest of the United States, the answer is no; the island of Maui is also American and is close to the island of Hawaii.

Hawaii does not have an Official State Vegetable.

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